The Top Tips When It Comes To Bringing Your Pet On Vacation With You


Many people all across the world treat their pets as extended members of the family and particularly so if they are cats and dogs. We give them names and we pretty much try to provide them with as comfortable a life as possible and we try to share everything that we do and see with them. Many people would never think of booking their pet into some kind of establishment that will take care of them while they are away enjoying themselves. Our pets spend all of their time with us and so it seems only fair that they get to go on holiday with us as well.

Wanting to take your pet with you and being able to take your pet with you are two completely different things and many accommodation choices are not friendly and open to such things. The good news for you is that you can now take advantage of a pet spa and hotel where they provide everything that you as the client could possibly need but they also encourage you to bring along your pets as well. This is a very pet-friendly way to go about doing business and they will be rewarded by many happy guests. If you have never taken your pet on holiday with you before then the following are just some top tips to make the experience better.

  1. Pack for your pet – You will pack the bag for yourself to make sure that you have everything that you need to be comfortable on your vacation but don’t forget about what your pet needs as well. Take some of their regular food because they might not like what the hotel offers and also bring their favourite bowl and toy. If your dog or cat needs any medications, be sure to pack those and don’t forget the collar and leash.
  2. Always check the rules – It is fantastic news that you now know that your hotel is more than happy to welcome you and your pet to their fine establishment. However, don’t forget that you need to travel there and so if you’re not taking the car then you need to check with the train company, bus company or other method of transport that it is okay to bring your pet with you. If you’re travelling overseas then this makes things a little bit more detailed and it’s likely that you will need some kind of health certificate and a vaccination record.
  3. Plan some activities for them – Try to pick a location for your holiday that will allow you and your pet to go for long walks and for your dog to experience many new things. Dogs love to swim in the ocean but also love to hike in the mountains and so be sure to choose wisely for both yourself and your canine friend.

Hopefully these three tips will help you to plan the best holiday ever for you and your pet.