Best cities foreigners can buy a property in Malta?

cities foreigners can buy a property in Malta

Malta is a beautiful country with several opportunities for foreigners to invest and gain. One of the areas in which investors intend to invest more is the real estate industry. Interestingly, Malta has a booming real estate industry. However, not every foreigner knows how to buy a house in Malta or where. Even though the cities in Malta have a lucrative real estate industry, some of them offer more opportunities. 

Investments in the Malta real estate industry have the potential to yield a lot of revenue. Remember, Malta is a tourist destination for most elites and celebrities around the world. Read and learn about the best cities to buy a property as a foreigner.

St. Julian

One of the resort towns in Malta is St. Julian. More so, St. Julian is always bubbling with activities. Meanwhile, expats from countries like the US, the UK, and other European countries often visit St. Julian. Based on this, St. Julian is one of the most expensive places in the country to live and do business. Furthermore, St. Julian is full of various social activities. The average cost of a property in St. Julian starts from 2,350 euros.


Marsascala is more like an antique town in Malta. Furthermore, Marsascala is an old town located in the southeastern part of Malta. In the past, Marsascala was known for fishing, but it has become a modern city with many activities. Compared to St. Julian, Marsascala is not a rowdy town, but it’s also not a full place. You will find several options for fun, leisure, and work. The starting price for a property in Marsascala is 1,800 euros.


Sliema is a resort town located in the central part of Malta. Meanwhile, Sliema is less busy compared to neighboring towns like St. Julian and Valletta. However, there are several vibrant and energetic activities available in Sliema. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a quiet part of Sliema, visit the northern part of the town. The northern part of Sliema has more properties along the seaside. 


Gozo is a small island and part of the Republic of Malta. More so, Gozo is a good place to lay back and enjoy amazing scenery. You can visit other islands from Gozo by ferry. Also, Gozo is a tourist destination and many occupants are from europe and other neighbouring countries. The locals in Gozo are friendly and welcoming. Also, the starting amount for a property in Gozo is 1,662 euros.


From the findings, it appears that most investors prefer to invest in the northern part of Malta. Nevertheless, the cheapest areas to buy real estate in Malta is in southern part of Malta like Gozo, etc. As a new investor, it’s important to reach out to a property management Malta company. Finally, real estate in Malta is booming because top celebrities and VIPs love to spend time in Malta during the summer. Some even have penthouses in Malta.