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Your Home Needs More Upcycled Furniture!


Home renovations and makeovers have always been centered around the idea of improving the property’s overall functionality, value and experiencing increased comfort in your living space, be it through sustainability or innovation. And while all sorts of projects can take on different shapes, sizes, and forms, it all boils down to making your living quarters much better than before, one that supports a greater quality of life and uplifting lifestyle.

However, while updating your home with the latest and greatest technology and furniture money can afford might seem like your safest option, we firmly believe that it’s time for homeowners to look the other way and entertain more sustainable options like upcycling. And while they may not look the best, nor will they compete with what emerging tech trends can offer, there’s definitely more to home renovations and living than just owning everything that’s state-of-the-art.

People Mislabel Waste When They Actually Have Potential!

Firstly, while plenty of waste materials, old furniture pieces, and many others end up in landfills, a large chunk of these items we call “trash” or “waste” isn’t as bad as we label them to be. In fact, with a bit of love and a few touches here and there, you can mix and match it with others to create something entirely unique and new. And that right there is the best reason why upcycling furniture is the most satisfying thing you’ll ever get to try because nothing beats seeing the potential in something others didn’t bother to explore.

  • Access To Antique And Vintage Aesthetics: Unlike more recent furniture and fixture options that always feature geometric and off-white tones, upcycling furniture for your home provides access to antique and vintage aesthetics. And while the classic and rustic appeal may not work for everyone, you can’t really say for certain unless you give it a chance to impress you. Plus, with enough effort and time invested, your home design may even rival restorations of 19th-century historic homes.
  • Freedom With Design And Customization: While newer brands and furniture options do offer extra personalization, these often come at a price premium and will warrant a rain check on your current budget solvency. In contrast, upcycling your furniture gives you all the freedom to cherry-pick what design works for you and how you want it to complement the space. Plus, mishandling your upcycled furniture and causing a mess won’t stress you out as much as a new piece of furniture.

It’s A Million Times More Affordable Than Going Brand-New

Besides the hidden potential found in old furniture pieces and materials that just get docked away for good, these items we label as “waste” are a million times more affordable than going brand-new with your purchases. And if you’re stuck with quite a tight budget for renovating or moving into a new place, opting in for more brand-new models is not an efficient way of managing your home finances. Therefore, upcycling furniture isn’t only good for the environment but also helps you out with any wallet problems. 

  • A Quick Visit To Your Local Recycling Center: One of the best places to get items, materials, and furniture for free or at rock-bottom prices is by taking a quick visit to your local recycling center. And depending on how well-known the place is in your locale, you could actually get the entire warehouse to yourself! Plus, different types of things go in and out of the center all the time, so you’ll find no end to what surprises may come your way.
  • Purchasing Pre-Loved Items Online At A Discount: In addition to your local recycling center, you could also surf the web and look out for pre-loved items for sale at a discount. In fact, if you’re dead serious about looking hard enough, Facebook’s marketplace, eBay, and craigslist might even have some free options for those willing to negotiate with the seller. Plus, all that extra money saved can go into other home investments like general landscaping or plumbing services.

You Don’t Have To Upcycle EVERY Last Piece Of Furniture.

Of course, while upcycling features many advantages, you don’t necessarily have to make every last piece of your furniture inside your house a product of the upcycling process. For example, when it comes to appliances like your refrigerator or stove, there’s not much to upcycle if you’re not that good with the mechanical side of things, and the effort expensed hardly warrants avoiding a brand-new purchase. So, for cases wherein upcycling doesn’t make sense, don’t force yourself to do it because that creates more problems than it solves. 

Start Small And Work Your Way Up!

In conclusion, with home renovation trends and makeovers still on the rise, we think it’s time to shift our perspective toward more eco-friendly goals in mind. And if Mr. Beast can start TeamSeas to clean up our oceans, we should do our part of environmental awareness by upcycling at home. 

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