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Why Schedule a Home Inspection Before You Buy A House


Are you going to buy a new house for a new start? Then, you better get a home inspection before purchasing. Professional home inspectors do home Inspections to keep potential homebuyers safe and protected, especially since buying a house is a big investment. Luckily, at One and Done Home Inspection, we can help you find the best professionals to do home inspections on your new house ottawa movers.

When we purchase a house or a real estate property, we must ensure that the physical components and various systems are in good condition. If the professional home inspector found out various defects that need to be replaced or fixed, then considering their report can be a good idea to deal with the realtor in addressing these problems. So, why should you schedule a home inspection before buying a house?

Here are some important reasons why you should schedule a home inspection.


Home renovations or Home repairs cost a lot of money. Some might say that they can’t afford to get a home inspection, especially if the house is quite large. Spending now might be cheaper than spending later for repairs and servicing. Home inspections are very helpful as it tells the owners the current condition of the house. If the house has major defects or repairs to be done, that could lead to many future expenditures, which is not cost-friendly in our budget. But, if you know the house’s present condition through home inspections, you can decide whether to agree with the realtor in terms of repairs or to shut down the offer completely. 

Safety and Security

A Home Inspection will tell you if the house’s foundation is still stable to live in or is subject to renovations. Most home inspections focus on the physical components of the house, which leads to discussion in its structural integrity. If the house’s structure is unsafe or unbalanced, it would be better to agree with the realtor to address the problem. We have to make sure that the house we were planning to buy wouldn’t be easily swayed or destroyed by natural phenomena like typhoons, floods, and earthquakes. Here at One and Done Home Inspections, your family’s safety, and security are our home inspector’s top priority. 

Negotiable Decisions and Deals

Your professional home inspector will tell you if the house requires renovation and repairs. If you are to purchase a house with major repairs to be done, then dealing with the realtor for the repair cost would be a good decision. If the realtor refuses or is unwilling to handle the repairs, you can negotiate with the house’s market price and deduct the estimated cost for repairs. You wouldn’t have this bargaining power if you don’t have accurate information regarding the house’s condition. 

Ready to purchase your new dream house? Then let us help you in achieving your dream, cozy home. Here at One and Done Home Inspections, we guarantee you the best home inspector for your house. Schedule an appointment or call us using our customer service hotline. Your family’s comfort is our top priority. Call us!