Who among Cricjam and GetMega has an edge in better user’s interface?


Online gaming has taken the world over by an unprecedented storm. The more you play, the more you want to play. This is because the world of virtual gaming is ripe with opportunities, skilful gameplay, logical execution and so much entertainment. While devising any online gaming platform, three things need to be kept in mind – the gameplay you offer, the interface and the variety of games on display. These factors make or break the reputation of any gaming company.

The user interface as the name suggests basically helps the user interact with the gaming app. It is an indirect mode of interaction between the virtual game space and the players as well as among players while in the gaming platform. A clean, intuitive and user-friendly interface truly amps up your experience since it makes your time on the platform equally interactive, engaging, entertaining and minus any technical hiccups.

There are different kinds of user interfaces, each with specific quality and designed to cater to specific needs. A good interface and gameplay is one that optimizes the user’s interactions with the gaming app, attracts traffic and also gives them an aesthetic visual appeal as well as audio features and tracks. The more the interaction, the greater will be the traffic generated and also from the point of view of recommendations and reviews. If you want to select an app that optimizes your gaming experience and has a top-notch user interface, then this article is for you. Check out our notes on both Cricjam and GetMega and choose the right one for you.


Cricjam is undoubtedly one of the best platforms if you are interested in choosing a gaming app with the best user interface. It is quite interactive and individualized to optimize each gamer’s user experience and the like. The UI is both simple, clean and decluttered devoid of complications or technical glitches. It is designed keeping in mind a specific feel, look and vibe of the app, all of which renders a touch of uniqueness to the overall aesthetics of the same.

The team responsible for designing the user interface is both dedicated and hardworking, the results of which is pretty evident in their smoothly operating system with zero delays or technical holdups. It makes the app easy to download and does not take up a lot of your phone space or memory. Besides the interface, their clean gameplay with both horizontal and vertical modes draws almost all players to the particular site.  The game loads smoothly which can be solely credited to the simple UI of the platform.


GetMega offers a clean and user-friendly user interface. It is also quite intuitive and engaging for players who want to maximize their gaming potential on the app. Because of the interface, players encounter very little or no technical holdups or glitches. These leaderboards stay updated 24*7 and pair up nicely with the wide range of games they offer to their subscribers. They also have systemic modifications built into the app that help players keep track of their history on the gaming app. The security features and customer service is also of top quality.

Added bonus is the fact that they host daily, weekly and monthly tournaments and championships all of which offer exciting gifts and cash prizes at the end of the game. If you finish on the top position on the leaderboard you get to claim all these exciting gifts and more. They also take into consideration the visual and aesthetic appeal of the games and the results are quite evident. The graphics, detailing and imagery all appeal massively to the gamer’s perspectives and is a big win.

Now that you can compare the two apps, you have a clear idea as to which gaming app you should choose for the optimal gaming experience.

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