What should you do when the heat goes out?


As a homeowner, you always desire to feel comfortable and safe. But can you imagine what you can do if the heat goes out, especially during winter? Well, that’s something you wouldn’t want to encounter, more so if the outdoors is freezing.

Nevertheless, there’s a possibility that your HVAC system could go off, particularly if your area experiences heavy storms. If this occurs, you stand a chance of losing your home’s heat. So, what should you do when the heat goes out before your repair company sends a professional to fix the problem?

The following are a few steps to ensure your home remains warm.

  • Start a Fire in Your Fireplace

According to Forbes, you can turn on your gas-powered or wood-burning fireplace if your HVAC system malfunctions. The heat emanating from your fireplace will help heat various parts of your home, keeping you and your family warm. However, ensure you follow the necessary safety precautions while starting a fire in your fireplace.

  • Examine Your Heater’s Thermostat

The thermostat of your HVAC system serves to sense and control temperature levels in your home. Simply put, it’s the “brain” of your heating system — it directs your HVAC unit to either heat or cool air in your home. Your thermostat will inform the unit to stop cooling or heating when the desired temperature level is achieved.

Before contacting furnace replacement North Las Vegas NV, inspect the thermostat thoroughly because the problem might be dead batteries. Additionally, it’s likely that any of your family members unintentionally turned the control to “cool” or “auto.” Therefore, check your thermostat’s batteries, turn it to “heat,” and wait for a while to see if it works. If it does not work, call your HVAC repair company.

  • Check If Your Heater’s Filter is Clean

Perhaps your heater isn’t supplying enough heat in your home due to restricted airflow. If this happens, the problem might be a dirty filter. Often, the heated air can’t get out of the vents if your heater’s filter has lots of dust, debris, and dirt. If the problem is with the filter, you can clean it or replace it with a new one.

  • Dress Warmly

If your heating system goes out and you can’t fix it, you can take out your winter sweaters, gloves, coats, scarves, and snow boots to stay warm. These warm attires will help you stay warm until your HVAC company comes to your aid.

  • Stay Indoors and Insulate Against Outdoor Air

When you open your door and your HVAC system isn’t functioning, heat slips away and freezing air enters. Therefore, before you fix your heating unit, restrict the frequency of going out and coming back in. You can prevent heat from escaping out of your home by doing so.

Another thing you should do when the heat goes out is to take measures to prevent cold air from entering your house. You can achieve this by closing all doors windows and shutting the curtains, drapes, and blinds. Also, you can suspend towels over your windows, but ensure they don’t have a window treatment.

  • Contact Your HVAC Repair Company for Help

If the troubleshooting steps and remedies fail to work, it’s time for you to contact your HVAC repair firm to assist you in fixing the problem. Perhaps your HVAC unit is faulty and requires professional repair. Professionals can only fix some issues, including a defective thermostat, damaged blower motor, a broken belt, and failed fan.

Wrapping Up

Generally, you have at your disposal several strategies you can employ to keep your home warm if your heat goes out. As a family, you can decide what measures to take when the heat goes out. If each family member does their part, it’ll be easy to keep your home warm even when your HVAC unit stops working. You can employ a few necessary steps, such as starting a fire in your fireplace, inspecting your heater’s thermostat, and dressing warm for the cold night. If these and other measures fail to work, contact your HVAC repair company to identify and fix the problem. Ultimately, if your heat goes out, there are many ways to keep your family warm until the problem is fixed.

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