Up Your Style Game with These 8 Must-Have Suit Accessories


Do you often wonder how to spice up your tailored suit look?

Worry not! Follow this guide to enhance your look.

Presently, women aren’t the only ones enjoying the option to accessorise their outfits. With the evolution of men’s fashion, men too have an option to accessorise their tailored suits. It is time to move on from the staple – ties and struts your suits with suit accessories.

8 Must-Have Suit Accessories

Pocket Squares

Want to transform your dull suit look into a more fun outfit? Pair it with a bright-coloured pocket square.

Remember, a pocket square is meant to complement and not match your tie. However, if you’re skipping the tie entirely, freely experiment with bold patterns and multicoloured designs. This versatile accessory is indispensable in a tuxedo look.


Scarves are a must-have suit accessory during the winter months. They can be styled in various ways depending on the event. Besides keeping you warm, it can significantly step up your autumn-winter fashion game.


Suspenders are making a comeback in the style game, and everyone is here for it! One of the classiest and timeless suit accessories, suspenders are a unique addition to a suit look.

However, depending on the occasion, you must keep 3 things in mind before buying suspenders:

  • The fastener –clips or buttons
  • Strap width – thin or thick
  • The shape – Y or X

The colour of the suspenders must be coordinated with the colour of the shirt. Ensure that you do not pair a shirt and suspenders of the same shade.


There has always been a long-standing debate – about whether or not to pair a belt with a suit.

The answer is yes! Belts are one of the essential suit accessories that also provide utility. It ensures that your pants remain secure, especially if it is ill-fitted. This practical accessory will be visible on multiple occasions, so carefully select one that adds to your outfit.


This accessory is a no-brainer. Every wearer is aware of the importance of having a brilliant tie collection. A tie can be customised based on colour, material, width, knot, and more.

When paired with a silk pocket square, select a muted sheen cotton tie to add elegance to your outfit.


It often amazes people how such a small accessory can make a wave of difference to the outfit. Cufflinks are unmatchable when adding a hint of sophistication to a suit look.

This suit accessory is commonly synonymous with formal events and business events on certain occasions. It can beautifully enhance your style without being too obvious.

Lapel Pin

Lapel pins are a splendid way to add vintage charm to your modern suit ensemble. However, remember that lapel pins are only supposed to be a subtle enhancement to your outfit. It should not be a distracting element.

You can choose from 3 options of lapel pins:

  • Long-stem lapel pins
  • Boutonniere
  • Badge pins


Colourful patterned socks (also read what are seamless socks) have emerged as a significant style statement accessory in recent years.. Historically, as per the fashion rules, socks were supposed to appear as an extension to pants. Therefore, black, blue, and grey were widely popular colour options.

However, with evolving fashion rules, you can now experiment with bold patterns and colours that are in contrast with the rest of the look.

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Wrapping Up

Do not allow the evergreen suits to become a boring ensemble. Switch it up with a combination of accessories to stay on top of your fashion game.

Enhance your style and personality by simply adding these must-haves to your wardrobe.