Top skills to learn to advance your career


If you are a college student or a graduate looking for a job to settle in your life, you need to upskill yourself. If you do not level up yourself, it is difficult to survive in this competitive world. You need to learn and practise specific skills to keep yourself updated. If you do not, when you give an interview to someone, you will feel like a fish out of the sea. Living a life amid skilled and talented people also creates an inferiority complex in you. Best Career Counselling in India suggests you master handy skills which help you land a better job. Apart from soft skills, new-age skills are mandatory these days to absorb and become successful in life.

Top skills to level up your career path:

Learning new things will get you a better job and create new opportunities. Here is the list of top skills to learn and master to advance your career. 

1. Foreign Language:

One needs to learn an alien language other than English and your mother tongue. Learning a different language helps you survive in a new city, state or company if you do not know the local or regional language. Mastering the basics of the languages spoken to a greater extent in India, like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, can help a lot. Foreign languages like German, French, Spanish and Chinese will get you more job opportunities. Learning a new language helps to interact with clients, employees, co-workers, and local and international markets. Also, including an additional language in your resume under the ‘known languages’ showcases your dedication and interest.

2. Public Speaking:

To convey your thoughts and ideas, one must be fluent in communication. Effective communication is the key to surviving a job. If you are intelligent and have a lot of input in your mind but struggle to talk in front of others, it’s a sign of a lack of public speaking skills. Speaking skills help you converse boldly without any stammering or searching for words. A person with excellent public speaking skills can make the other party aware of things to be conveyed. Some jobs require frequent presentations and meetings. If you are well equipped with knowledge but not with the speaking skills, it’s high time to improvise. 

3. Creative Thinking:

If you do not have creativity, you cannot sustain yourself in any jobs these days. Creativity has become essential, and all must learn to be creative. With the changing and growing world, only people who bring up new ideas and suggest unique solutions to various problems can get promoted and get a hike. Also, the Career Counselling in Jaipur states that being creative can lure the higher authorities and other competitive companies, and there is a chance for you to get a better job or an increased pay scale. It is significant for the candidates to know how to align their creativity with their job roles. 

4. Leadership Skills:

If you are leading a team and employees report to you, be it two or twenty, it is your responsibility to guide them and take them to achieve the targets and meet the deadlines. If you are lenient and do not care for your teammates, then management will never trust you with any significant projects. Either they will replace you or fire you. If you do not want to stay stagnant and desire hikes and promotions, enhance your leadership skills. An ideal lead will empower, motivate and inspire his team members to do better in their work and for their organisation. 

5. Productivity:

Even if you do not have any work, it is essential to keep yourself productive. Staying productive helps eliminate your unwanted thoughts and lazy feeling. If you remain fruitful, the higher officials will note it and trust you by putting you on more projects and proposals. There will be times when you have no work at the office. You can utilise that and learn a new skill that would benefit your company and be an add-on to your resume. If you are not productive and your colleagues find out, they might not take for serious. 

6. Self-Management:

One must stay organised, responsible, disciplined and flexible. If you cannot manage yourself, there are fewer chances you can lead or maintain a team in the company. Self-management includes active listening, high tolerance, motivation, adaptability, etc. For people who practise self-management, things fall in place automatically for all of their toils. Nowadays, more of a hybrid work environment is prevailing, and people need to work from home for three days maximum in a week. In this scenario, Career Counselling in India states that the workers must have self-discipline and self-organisational skills. 

7. Digital Trends:

We live in a world where technology is the future. If you do not upskill yourself with the latest technologies, there are chances for you not to get a good job. One must be up-to-date with the trending technologies to have a stable career in fields like IT, Advertisement, Engineering, Medical, etc. Everything evolves around technology and tuning digital these days. Even surgeries are made by AI these days. Hence, one must learn and keep updated with all the digital technologies. Additional knowledge will also bag you a better job, and earning certificates will get you hikes and promotions since you be an asset to the company with vast knowledge of all the digital trends. 

8. Coding Skills:

Even if you are not an engineer or have studied engineering, mastering basic coding skills can help you in several ways. If you get to do a computer-related job in future that requires knowledge of coding and programming, it is better to learn today. Most jobs these days involve computers, and if you are skilled with the basics, you can either survive without getting perplexed or better yourself since you are fluent in basics. Coding is becoming an essential skill, and one must get their hands on that.

9. Social Media and Digital Marketing:

Social media and digital marketing play a vital role these days. You would have witnessed it for yourself. We live in an era where jobs get posted on different job-offering websites like LinkedIn Naukri, Hirect, etc., and apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are more than just entertainment. Marketing has become a primary part of business success, and e-mail, social media, traditional, etc., are some types. The Best Career Counselling in Jaipur states that you will have numerous job opportunities if you become a master of social media and marketing.

10. Photoshop:

Photoshop and video editing are other skills one needs to learn. Knowledge of these skills will help you in both professional and personal life. These days, there are immense opportunities for persons who have learnt editing skills. Many people use tools like Adobe and PowerDirector. Graphic Designers and Web Designers who use these platforms and tools frequently should have intense knowledge of how the application works and its maximum usage.

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