Top female hip hop artist in America


Who is your favourite female rapper? If you’re looking for some new music, or even a playlist full of hip-hop songs, then check out our selection of the hottest female rappers today. 

Queen Latifah – It Ain’t Fair (ft Jazze Pha)

Queen Latifah is an amazing rapper! People love how she mixes her deep voice with the beat and rhymes over it almost as if they were the same – and that is no easy feat! Her lyrics are also very relatable and sometimes hilarious, which makes me enjoy her so much more but not more than online blackjack games. She has released many albums throughout the years but my favourites include My LPs, All Hail The Queen, Black Reign, and The Dana Owens Album. You should check them all out.

Nick Minaj – Don’t Tell Nobody (featuring Kanye West)

Nick Minaj first came onto the scene last decade dropping several mixtapes before releasing her debut ‘Pink Friday’. Since then, she hasn’t slowed down putting out hit after hit. She has continued to gain fans and respect among other singers and rappers. Like many others, you should check out her songs ‘Til I Collapse’ and ‘Stupid Hoe’ where she goes head to head with Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’.

Missy Elliott- U Gotta Feel Me (featuring Foxy Brown)

Missy Elliot is another rapper that people love listening to since high school.  Her vocals are pretty good, but what sets her apart is her ability to keep up with the beat and rhyme over it. On occasion, when she slows down, she doesn’t always make it seem like she is slowing down though. This song was performed by Foxy Brown who is featured on this track.

Lauryn Hill – FUBU (featuring DMX)

Lauryn Hill is another rapper that most people grew up listening to. She is also probably the most underrated, especially after she left the game completely. But she made a great comeback with her latest project ‘Million Dollar Bills’. I think the reason people didn’t give her credit for it was that it wasn’t a real album and it sounded too similar to her previous projects. That said, there were several good tracks on here including ‘Foolish’, ‘Finesse’, and ‘Dance With You.


Rappers are usually the type of person that isn’t known to change their sound and/or style often, however, some artists can continuously stay consistent and fresh throughout the years. Some of these female rappers play casino games online. What are you waiting for, visit online casinos today and enjoy their best games?

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