Top 5 Delicious Alcohol Alternatives You’ll Love


Over the last decade or so, drinking alcohol has become synonymous with leading a busy social life. Yet with so many amazing alcohol-free drinks available to purchase in the market today, alcohol is no longer a requirement to spend some time with friends! 

Many people are also adapting to new lifestyle habits by changing the way they approach drinking alcohol. Nowadays, society appears to be more conscious of health than ever before – with people of all ages now actively seeking tasty alternatives to their favorite alcoholic beverages.

With this considered, it’s a fascinating thing to explore the variety of delicious alternatives on the market. Whether you want to buy CBD drinks online or try something a little bit closer to home, here are some delicious alcohol alternatives you’ll love.

  1. Mocktails

If you want the delightful taste of a cocktail but without the alcohol content, a mocktail is a perfect solution! These drinks usually consist of tasty non-alcoholic beverages like juices, sodas, or even infused waters to create their signature taste that many people know and love.

Mocktails are generally one of the best drinks to opt for in a bar as they are usually made to order, guaranteeing that the drink is as fresh as possible. The best part? Taste-wise, they’re pretty equal to their alcoholic counterparts. This is also true in terms of colors.

Plus, you can even add some garnish to decorate it exactly like a cocktail. This will give you the typical cocktail experience without alcohol. What’s not to love?

  1. Alcohol-Free Gin

There are more delicious gin flavors available now than ever before. However, the number of gin drinkers is currently at an all-time low, with more consumers avoiding alcohol as clean and healthy eating has become increasingly popular. 

As a direct result of this, current alcohol-free gin is designed to look and taste (as much as possible) like a glass of your favorite gin. This means you can enjoy the flavors of your preferred gin but without the disorientation or discomfort of drinking alcohol.

Alcohol-free gins rely on maceration which involved botanicals being left to soak until they develop their gin-like flavors.

  1. Sparkling Juice

Sparkling juices are the perfect beverage to accompany a summer’s day or a celebratory event. For instance, they make a brilliant alcohol-free toasting alternative.

They are made using the same fermentation process as sparkling wines like prosecco and make an amazing alternative to champagne or Prosecco due to the similar presence of little bubbles.

These delicious juices are usually made from herbs, fruit, and apple cider vinegar to achieve the acidity and bountiful flavors that make them a brilliant alcohol-free substitute for different types of wine!

  1. Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

Alcohol-free alternatives for wine and beer have become increasingly popular in recent years as customers demand such alternatives. However, the wine industry was slow to cotton on to this demand, meaning quality products have only now begun to be pushed out into the market.

Many alcohol-free wines have been poorly made with cheap ingredients and a flavor that just…lacks. Now, there are quite a few brands out there offering high-quality alcohol-free sparkling wine alternatives that do hold a candle to the alcohol.

To compensate for the flavors that are caused by higher temperatures, manufacturers will add flavor additives or fruit juice to bulk out the flavors of alcohol-free sparkling wine. This means the consumer can still enjoy the taste but without the presence of alcohol.

  1. Kombucha

Kombucha is both a fermented and naturally sparkling drink that is typically made from bacteria and black or green tea. It has an astounding cult status in big cities such as London where progressive restaurants and bars have begun to capitalize on its popularity. 

It combines the best of both worlds in terms of being a healthy and grown-up-tasting drink. Due to a lack of sugar present in its make-up, Kombucha has become a huge hit with the younger generation and also with individuals who actively choose to live a sober lifestyle.

However, Kombucha can be a bit of an acquired taste. If you don’t like the taste of Kombucha by itself, you can try adding it into a mocktail to amplify your favorite flavors.


Living an alcohol-free lifestyle doesn’t need to be boring! You can still enjoy your favorite flavors but without the additional alcohol content. This means you can enjoy a night out with friends without feeling like you are missing out on the general experience.