Tips on Gambling on Pokie


Slots are a popular casino game worldwide. But they particularly prevail in Australia, with over 80 percent of Australians gambling at least once a year. They call these machines pokies, an acronym for poker machines. This cute name shows how excited the Aussies are about gambling on these machines.

When mechanic slots (known as ‘one-arm bandits’) first appeared in Australia, they were illegal. Since they became legal in 1956, pokies have become one of the significant sources of revenue for the Australian economy. The government estimates that Australians spend between 1% and 2.8% of their disposable income playing pokies. Most people play them in working-class suburbs. 

Thanks to the Internet, pokies’ popularity has increased significantly. It has opened up the world of online gambling to many more people than ever before. As a result, the number of online casinos offering these games grows daily. But not each of them is trustworthy. Check this source to get guidelines on choosing the best online casino.

Pokies are easy to find and play, whether offline or online. But it should be clear that this gamble is unpredictable and (almost) completely random. You can count on luck and hope that the RNG algorithm will be on your side. But there are a few things that may increase your chances of winning. You lose nothing if you try them.

Test Games with Free Money

One of the first things you should know about pokies is the basic game mechanism. You have to spin reels with symbols and bet a certain amount of money to get your desired payout. Then, the game will deduct the amount you’ve bet from the total amount you’ve deposited. It can be frustrating, as you can lose real money without knowing how. 

So instead of rushing into playing pokies with real money, try their demo modes first. Many gambling websites allow you to play with no deposit and without risk to test their game offers. But try to look for welcome bonuses or free spins before registering. That’s an excellent way to test out pokies without paying a deposit with real money.

Playing free pokies is an excellent way to learn how to gamble and practice your strategy before moving on to real money games. You can also try out different slot games from various casino sites to determine which one suits you best. Some might even allow winning even with free spins.

Play Simple Games

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Pokie games are popular because they’re easy to learn and play. But their attractive designs contribute to their popularity a lot. These slots can have different game themes, from Ancient Egypt to the sea world. There’s something for each player. And while these designs look attractive, it’s actually a trap. 

Even though they seem to offer more, more complex games have less chance of winning. All those pay lines, bonuses, free spins, and features might attract your attention and seem like more winning odds. But expert players point out that more complex games usually have lower odds of winning.

On the other hand, simple games explained on Pokies Australian online with only three to five rulers and several symbols bring you more winning chances. As a result, you’ll get smaller wins more often, even for lower bets. That’s good if you don’t chase a big win or jackpot. 

Pay Attention to Pay Lines

When playing online slots, you should pay attention to pay lines. Usually, they determine the number of spins needed to get a minimum combination: the more lines, the more combinations and correspondingly higher the chances of winning. 

But, playing more than twenty lines means more risk and requires a larger bankroll. Many gamblers tend to overlook this factor, but it’s vital to winning success. High pay lines indicate a high Return to Player (RTP), and a high RTP means higher winning potential.

Bet the Maximum

When playing pokies, a good strategy is to bet the maximum if you want a high payout. That way, you’ll be able to play across all pay lines at once, increasing your chance of winning. Using the max bet option on your favorite pokies can also increase the number of coins you can bet. 

A maximum bet on slot machines increases the amount of money you can win. The higher the maximum bet, the higher the payouts. Most progressive jackpots are won by players who use the maximum bet. The maximum bet on a slot machine is often at least $25. Physical slot machines typically have three to five lines, while online games can have ten and more. 

It’s tempting to place a maximum bet if you’re on a winning streak, increasing your average return per coin. But this strategy won’t guarantee you a payout. In fact, if you don’t stop on time, you’ll pay much more in the long run. But the maximum bet is worth it if you want to win big!

Accept Your Losses

Gambling is not a matter of luck (not entirely) or destiny, but mostly the work of an algorithm known as RNG (random number generator). The belief in winning and losing streaks is a gamblers’ fallacy, i.e., once it starts, it has to end, and these two series alternate. The rule is that there are no rules.

Below, find some beginner’s strategies on playing slots:

But there is something you can stick to and thus increase your chances of winning – don’t chase your losses. Don’t be convinced that every next spin is the life-changing one, especially if you’ve already lost a lot of money. Instead, whenever you lose money, you must stop chasing it. End the game and take a break before your balance reaches zero.

Pokie games are based on chance, but there are several ways to increase your chances of winning. Choose a reputable casino with a variety of simple games that have high winning odds. And while you’re gambling with the highest hopes, you should know when to stop – that can save money on your bankroll.

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