The Ultimate Guide to Disney Vacation Club Resales


Do you want to know more about Disney Vacation Club resales but don’t know where to start? Learn more about it with this guide.

Disney Vacation Club is one of the world’s best-known timeshare products, with 250,000 member families across the USA. A DVC membership gives you access to thousands of resorts across the globe, thanks to the club’s strong ties within the industry.

It’s an expensive product, though, so if you’re considering becoming a Disney Vacation Club member, it makes sense to find out if there’s a way out when times are tough.

Disney Vacation Club resales provide a valuable service to owners who want to sell their points, as well as those looking for cheaper access to this vacation club. Keep reading to find out more.

How Do DVC Resales Work?

It’s difficult to cancel your DVC membership, but you can re-sell it to an interested party. You can do this privately by advertising online or on local community notice boards, or you can authorize a DVC resale broker to sell your weeks.

Most members opt for a broker since there’s less risk involved, and it’s comparatively easy to sell your weeks this way. You simply provide the broker with your details, and they advertise the membership for sale on your behalf.

When an interested party contacts them, they’ll let you know, and you can either accept the offer or decline it.

If you agree, you fill in the necessary forms to transfer your points. The broker does the rest.

You pay around 8% of the price to the broker plus a $150 cancellation fee to DVC, and the new owner pays the closing cost. The broker deducts these fees from the sale, so you needn’t pay them upfront.

Disney Vacation Club has the First Right of Refusal on all their products, but they rarely exercise this right.

Buying Timeshare From Disney Vacation Club Resales

Buying a membership directly from Disney can cost as much as 54% more than buying resales points.

You can visit,, or to search for available weeks and compare prices with

You will lose some membership benefits when you buy a resale week.

If any of these perks are worth paying the higher cost, you can also buy the minimum amount of points directly from DVC and top up your membership by buying DVC resale points.

When you find a week you like offered for sale via DVC resales, you contact the broker with an offer, and they’ll get in touch with the owner.

If the seller accepts your offer, you fill in the formal paperwork, pay the purchase price and closing costs, and the broker handles the rest.

When you receive your welcome letter from Disney Vacation Club, you can book your first vacation.

Explore the World’s Most Magical Vacations

Are you fascinated by all things Disney? A Disney Vacation Club membership could be the ideal solution for you if you have the means.

Never forget, buying a timeshare product is akin to investing in a second home.

You can save with cheap memberships available via Disney Vacation Club resales, and you’ll pay less for future holidays. Yet, there are ongoing, ever-increasing costs associated with these kinds of vacations.

Would you avoid this kind of long-term commitment? Browse our blog for more travel ideas.

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