The Top RPGs Set for Release This Year


There is very little out there that can beat the sheer immersive experience of role-playing games (RPGs). Whether you favor the Western styles or are more at home with the Japanese offerings, there is something for everyone: dungeons, dragons, villains, heroes, ancient prophesies, and more. Backgrounds from the olden days all the way through to the present give a larger-than-life feel to RPGs with intriguing storylines, fast-paced combat, and a choice of weapons. Here are some of the best options available in 2022. They are not in any particular order as every player has their preferred genre.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

What makes this RPG great is the open-ended options. This allows you to modify the main character, Adam, to match your desired human nature and reasons for actions. The story is about a soldier, himself cybernetically augmented, who interacts with cops and gang hoods while going after a major terrorist organization. A number of issues provide a challenge on the political, social, and medical front.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

If you enjoy killing zombies, then you will love this RPG which can be played on a console or desktop. To get the most out of this (and other games), be sure that you have a decent device such as one of the Intel gaming NUC laptops from

With the apocalypse having happened ten years earlier, a survivor still carries memories that torment him, making life and death decisions more complicated. The environment consists of skyscrapers that must be scaled and enemy territory to get through. The backdrop is immense, involving quests and missions to keep you at the edge of your seat. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition 

The storyline of this game pushes the pace and action with the return of the beloved heroes from the Mass Effect trilogy. From Commander Shepard to Tali and Garrus, all your favorites are present in a revamped RPG with stunningly upgraded visuals and far more detail.

Disco Elysium – The Final Cut

This RPG is defined by its politically centered narrative. It speaks out in support of the working class but is broad-minded in the way it approaches various viewpoints. Thus, if you are looking for a game that is not only fun but has something serious to say, you will feast on this RPG. You will find plenty of humor in the well-written script, along with characters with emotional depth. Detailed views of the environment in which it takes place are rounded out with voice-acted personalities. 

Divinity: Original Sin 2

You can play this RPG without having to be familiar with its first version. Although the universe is identical, it has been designed to stand alone with ten centuries years separating the two. Despite multiple alien races, it features individual stories for its unique fleshed-out characters. Movements may be turn-based but these are still kick-ass and subtly designed for realism. You can choose which order to undertake the quests as you cast spells with interactive effects that are magnified by the elements.

This list is a taster for RPG fans who will be inspired to go in search of their next game. 

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