The Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Records

Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Records

From digital downloads to live concerts, there’s nothing that quite brings humanity together like music. 

In recent years, the debate between the sound of analog vs. digital music among music lovers everywhere is a pretty popular one. However, it is such a broad debate with no true winner.

Yet there’s something so innately important about vinyl records that means they just cannot be left out of the equation! A rising surge in the popularity of vinyl records brings about a sense of nostalgia for decades that are long past while digital music brings people the highest technology in entertainment.

If you’re planning to start your vinyl record collection there are several things you need to know, including the dimensions of a vinyl record sleeve and how to store them properly. Here are some other pros and cons that you must consider.


The Unique Sound Of Vinyl

It might sound a little bit cliche, but the unique sound produced by vinyl records is something that a lot of people around the world still value today – and for good reason.

Because of their material, vinyl records offer a sound quality that modern digital formats just cannot replicate. 

People who love vinyl records often talk about the characteristic warmth, richness, and depth that is accompanied by a tiny ticking sound within the music. These distortions create a crackling sound that makes any rock n’ roll record stand out. 

Creates A Feeling Of Nostalgia

One thing you cannot get with anything other than vinyl records is nostalgia. Your older family members weren’t dancing to digital audio back in the day! 

Imagine your grandparents unwrapping a sparkling new record and then throwing it straight onto the record player. How excited they would be to unwrap the sleeves, breathe in the classic vinyl smell, and then get to groove to their favorite tunes in their own world — even just for a few minutes.

Now think of how amazing it is that you get to experience the same thing all these years later! This is an experience that digital music simply cannot offer.

The Ultimate Physical Format

This is more of a psychological benefit rather than anything. If you collect movies, action figures, or own an Xbox console, for example, you’ll understand just how nice it is to finally have a physical representation of your interests resting on your shelf. The same thing applies to vinyl records.

Records are pretty large items to store but they don’t take up much space due to being quite thin. Yet this isn’t usually an issue as storing them on shelves or in boxes is all part of the fun of being a vinyl record owner!

Instead, your focus will likely be drawn to the process of buying, unboxing, and then sorting through your vinyl records.

Your Taste In Music Will Grow

You may be a huge eclectic music lover. Yet by purchasing vinyl records of bands and artists who were huge acts decades ago, you are opening the door to a new world of entertainment! The best part is you can also explore genres you never would have thought possible to enjoy.


Easily Damaged

Vinyl records are pretty fragile and are extremely susceptible to breakage or scratching. One of the main causes of this type of damage to vinyl records is due to mishandling such as careless removal from its sleeve, or improper storage. 

Unfortunately, a damaged vinyl means that your record is completely gone – there is no way of redownloading the music. You’ll simply have to replace the broken record which could be extremely costly.

Our advice? Take extra care with your vinyl records!

Care and Maintenance

It can be a bit of a hassle ensuring your records and turntable are in full working order. Vinyl records need some TLC if you want them to remain in excellent condition. To guarantee this, you must take care when storing your records so that they do not deteriorate over time.

You also need to clean the table and records at times. You can use a specially designed record brush for this purpose as it is small and precise enough not to damage the surface of your records.


We hope you now have more of an understanding of the pros and cons of vinyl records. These types of records are much more than simply nostalgia. They are a physical embodiment of the best music has to offer from periods that are long past. 

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