The Importance of Super Bowl Standings for Football Fans


Many football fans have dreams of playing in the Super Bowl, but the majority of us will never actually get there. This doesn’t mean we can’t experience the thrill of victory, though! The best way to do this is to start following your favorite team and watching as they work their way up through the ranks until they make it to the big game that almost everyone wants to win. One great way to experience the excitement first-hand is to secure your Super Bowl Tickets early so you can cheer your team on from the stands during the biggest game of the year. Here are some tips about how to use super bowl standings for football fans like you who want to live vicariously through their teams!

  • Know the league you’re in

When you’re writing about sports, it’s essential to understand what you’re talking about. For example, if you write that there are 32 teams in a league and don’t name it, readers will be confused because they won’t know which sport you’re referencing. The same is true for athletes—if you mention a football player without mentioning his team, or a basketball player without naming his team or his position, your reader will be lost (maybe even insulted if they’re a big fan). So do your homework before writing on sports: Look up stats and facts when necessary; get familiar with relevant teams and players; look up how these players got to where they are now by studying their college careers; etc.

  • Don’t focus on your team’s record

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your team’s record when it comes to watching football. And hey, if you have a favorite team that’s undefeated, then by all means, celebrate! But even if your team isn’t doing well, you don’t need to jump ship. In fact, according to research, there are some benefits of being a fan even when your team isn’t on top. For one thing, you’ll know more about football—which means more opportunities for conversation and maybe even (gasp!) collaboration. And new research has also suggested that serious fans who stick with their teams through thick and thin report higher levels of life satisfaction. So keep cheering and keep enjoying yourself.

  • Learn how tiebreakers work

If your team makes it to the playoffs, it’s important to understand how playoff tiebreakers work. There are a few different ways in which teams can be separated if two or more teams have similar records at season’s end. The specific tiebreakers (and their order) vary from league to league, but there are generally three types: head-to-head results, common opponents, and better record vs. worse record within a division.

Analyze remaining schedule games

A football fan’s favorite statistic is strength of schedule because it can help predict how a team will finish during a given season. For example, if Team X and Team Y both have similar records, but Team X has an easier remaining schedule, then that information would lead you to believe that Team Y will probably struggle in its last few games and will likely fall short. To figure out which teams have an easy or difficult schedule, use some team comparison tools to see where each one is ranked in categories such as points scored per game or number of sacks allowed. 

Final Thoughts

It’s only natural that a football fan would want to know what their favorite team is doing in terms of overall standings. If you play fantasy football, it’s important to see how your team is doing against other teams; or perhaps you just love bragging rights—there are certainly many reasons why people want to check on their NFL standings.