The Greatest Things to Do in Death Valley National Park


Think of great tourist attractions, and Hollywood and Disneyland may come to mind. You should think about Death Valley.

Death Valley National Park hosted 820,000 visitors in 2020. It is one of the most popular places to go in California. Yet it is a massive park and it can be difficult to navigate.

What should you do inside Death Valley? What are the most interesting things to see in the park? What is stargazing like?

Answer these questions and you can view the most stunning sights that California has to offer. Here is your quick guide.


Death Valley has numerous campgrounds. You can set up any tent you like, and you do not have to make reservations at most of them. You may bring an RV, though you cannot bring a very large one.

You may camp at Death Valley whenever you want to. But the summer can see temperatures over 100 degrees, even at night. You should look to camp during the fall and winter instead.

The National Park Service does allow backcountry camping. Yet you cannot light campfires and you must mount your tent away from sources of water. If you are an inexperienced camper, you should stay at hotels near Death Valley and go on day hikes.


Hiking will take you to all of the things to see in Death Valley. There are a number of trails throughout the park, most of which bring you to several tourist attractions.

If you want a mild walk, you can visit Zabriskie Point. It is a vista that offers panoramic views of rolling hills and spectacular rockfaces. If you want a day hike, you can hike to the Owlshead Mountains and explore several different canyons. For more updates, visit:

Viewing Stars

Death Valley is one of the best national parks in the USA for stargazing. There is very little light pollution, so you can see the stars in their full splendor.

You can go anywhere in the park for stargazing, though you should make sure you have enough light to get around. Sites like Ubehebe Crater offer the clearest views of stars as well as easy-to-navigate walkways.

Watching the Sunset

You can also view incredible sunrises and sunsets in the park. You can hike to a location like Zabriskie Point, watch the sunset, and then stay and look at the stars. Check the National Weather Service page for Death Valley to see what the sunset schedule is like.

What to Do in Death Valley

Death Valley offers so many things. It is a premier camping destination for beginner and experienced hikers.

You can head into the country with your tent, though you should have plenty of water. You can stand on vistas and walk through incredible valleys.

The park does not shut down at night. You can witness the constellations in their full glory while standing in volcanic craters. Feel free to arrive a little early so you can watch the sunset.

Death Valley is one of America’s many national parks. Read more national park guides by following our coverage.

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