The benefits of custom framing


Most great works of art are framed because a frame offers protection to the picture. Some frames can focus the attention of the viewer on the picture. The picture on the wall expresses the person’s taste and style. Though pictures are a personal choice, only an appropriate frame makes them look attractive. Frames don’t just help to hang the picture on the wall; the right frame enhances the picture and complements the room. An online frame shop has a variety of frames to meet the needs of those customers looking for a suitable frame.

Good pictures deserve a great frame. Online shops have standard size frames in many colours and sizes. However, some photos may need a custom framing option to look unique. 

Advantages of custom framing

Flexible dimensions

Generally, frames are available in standard dimensions. A picture that is not standard size is cut off to fit into a standard frame. With a custom framing option, frames are made according to the picture’s dimensions. Even an odd-sized photo gets a perfect frame. The image remains intact, and the frame enhances the beauty of the picture.


There are different materials available for making the frame. Standard materials are used in the shops to make regular frames. It is not possible to change it according to the customer’s preference. But in custom framing, customers can choose the material, style, colour, and texture as per their preferences.

Long-lasting quality

Custom frames are made specifically to fit a picture. As skilled professionals handcraft them, they have better quality and last longer. They can also be made using particular materials as requested by the customer. They are ideal for preserving special memories cherished for many years.

Preserves the art

The picture is not cut to reduce its dimensions and fit a frame. There is no need to trim the artwork and compromise its quality. But in a store-bought frame, the picture is cut to fit the frame. With custom frames, the customer can ensure that all frame components conform to the artwork. 

Interact directly

While buying a readymade frame in a store, there will be no interaction with the frame manufacturer. But with a custom frame, the customer can interact with the manufacturer to understand the material and give suggestions about the quality and design expected from the craftsman. 

The type of pictures that need a frame 



Art prints 

3D collectibles

Photos straight from smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Digital pictures should have a high resolution for printing without losing quality.

How to choose a frame

Measure the picture’s height, width and thickness before choosing a frame.

The style of the frame selected must add to the beauty of the picture.

The material of the frame is an essential factor that contributes to the appearance of the picture. Most people select a frame made of wood or metal.

An appropriate matting is needed to complement the picture and make it stand out.

The cover of the picture frame is a critical thing because it allows people to view the art. Generally, the cover material is glass or acrylic.

A good backing material adds to the aesthetics of the picture. The common types of backing are cardboard, plastic and foam.

An online frame shop provides custom frames that preserve the art and keep it safe. It makes the art stand out and draw people’s attention. They are of high quality and suit any taste and budget.