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In a feasibility study by Haneline M and Cooperstein R (2009) entitled Chiropractic care for patients with acute neck pain: results of a pragmatic practice-based feasibility study, participating chiropractors recruited patients suffering from acute neck pain on their initial visit to the clinic. The chiropractors treated these patients using their usual methods, and data were prospectively collected by having patients complete the Neck Disability Index, Characteristic Pain Intensity score, and a patient satisfaction questionnaire. Results showed improvement of acute neck pain while under chiropractic care. In addition, no severe adverse reactions to chiropractic therapy were reported. Although this study shows promise for chiropractic care as a viable treatment option for patients with acute neck pain, caution in applying its results to other settings is advised because of its preliminary nature and the noncontrolled study design that was used.

One of the causes of neck pain is high impact or forceful movement of the head that compresses the neck and spine. This may injure the surrounding tissues, resulting in neck pain and stiffness. Neck adjustments effectively alleviate discomfort in many people by manipulating joints and tissues around their necks to release tension or increase mobility, as necessary. Pain medications only mask the symptoms while not addressing any underlying causes like misalignment in your spine or muscle strain that’s causing pressure on nerves.

How is it done? A chiropractor may use their hands, instruments, or specialized tables to make these adjustments (also called “spinal manipulations”). The goal of neck adjustment is to accurately realign the areas that have shifted out of their normal position.  By getting the spine back into its proper place, the pressure on the nerve and the tightness in the muscles that might have caused the neck pain or headaches can be relieved. In addition to restoring joint mobility, adjustments can also heal tissue injuries involving inflammation and pain.

During your initial visit to a chiropractor, they will thoroughly examine your case through health history and physical examination. Other procedures like laboratory tests or imaging, such as X-rays, may be done as well. During the adjustment procedure, patients usually lie on specially designed chiropractic tables. The doctor can use around 96 chiropractic maneuvers for the adjustment, depending on the force required and the body part that needs adjustment.

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