Sunny Edwards: Top 5 Opponents for British Boxer

Sunny Edwards

Sunny Edwards has indeed become one of the best faces in the world of boxing. The young English boxer is flying in style. His victory over Moruti Mthalane on 30 April 2021 changed the world massively. He boxed well for 12 rounds and baptized a great fighter in style. Even bookmakers were against him. However, Sunny had a clear idea of what can do. It was a fair match and the British boxer did a great job. He has indeed created a hard time adjusting for others. Hence, let us take a look at the top five opponents for Sunny Edwards. 

5 Sunny Edwards: McWilliams Arroyo

McWilliams Arroyo has four defeats in his professional boxing career. However, he is still a very good boxer. Beating him will make his profile even better. He can give Sunny a great backing to shine and develop for becoming a great star in boxing. 

4 Sunny Edwards: Luis Concepcion

If the bigger fights take time to make, then Luis Concepcion is not a bad option. He has lost eight times but is indeed a great boxer to fight. It is no shame of giving him another title run. Hence, things do look very well from his angle. 

3 Artem Dalakian 

Artem Dalakian is the WBA flyweight champion. He is a very good boxer from Ukraine. Therefore, it can be a great unification battle to have. Just like Sunny, Artem is an unbeaten champion. It makes the fight even special for unification. 

2 Junto Nakatani

Japan’s Junto Nakatani is another unbeaten champion. He is too fast and holds a promising dance partner of the IBF flyweight champion. Junto can be a great name on Sunny’s CV. 

1 Julio Cesar Martinez

Julio Cesar Martinez is the WBC champion. He has lost just once in his career. For Sunny, it can be a hard task. Hence, Julio Cesar Martinez is the biggest test for Sunny in the flyweight division.   

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