How to Play Heardle 70s? Hints, Tips, and Tricks

heardle 70s answer today


The traditional game of hurdle has a new variant now, called the Heardle 70s, that highlights classic music from the 1970s. In the context of the game, you’ll find challenges that directly test your closeness with the 70s song, as its name suggests, while the structure of the game is similar to the wordle game. 

Anyone who’s into the game of Wordle can try this game out to check how well you understand the retro music and whether finding heardle 70s answer today will be an easy task for you. Having said that, here are some more details about it, that you should know before getting started: 

What is heardle 70s answer today? 

Heardle 70s is almost identical to the typical heardle, with an exception in the questions. That is, both are puzzle games, coming as a variant of Wordle, but the 70s version solely focuses on asking about songs from the 1970s. Also, there are no random words involved and players are supposed to pick a matching song only. Each day a new challenge in the form of a new song is set for players to guess. The best part about this game is its simplicity, where one can play intro songs and find the right name for it within 6 attempts. For every wrong guess, the length of the song will increase in subsequent rounds until the right guess is taken. 

We suggest that you complete the challenge with as few attempts as possible for a better score. And once the task is done, you can find how well you accomplished the challenge. Players can also share their scorecards with friends through any social network of choice.  

How to find the hurdle 70s answer today? 

Every player is allotted a trimmed part of the right song. So, try listening to this short clip as many times as you can, in the hope of remembering the name of it. Then, take your first guess and if incorrect, think of some more possible names. Suppose your mind, at this point, is black and clueless, you can ask for help from friends. As a final resort, you may try finding it on the web or use an online tool for accurate results. 


In the context of becoming a pro, you must have a good grasp on heardle 70s music game that picks random songs from the past decades, depending on how many people have been streaming it recently. Heardle game, despite being a simple core is quite captivating. Being a regular on it and making the game a hobby can help you maintain stress. 

The gameplay is amazing, but obtaining the heardle 70s answer today will depend on how well you vibe with retro music. And because each player only gets one challenge with 6 attempts each day, there’s no way for anyone to be negatively addicted to it. 

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