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Smiley Nails: Intro

The use of emojis have been around for many years now. It started with people using symbols like full stop, comma, semicolon and many more to create the kind of emojis they wanted. Slowly, as technology became more and more advanced, advancement in the field of emojis were also observed. At first, only a few yellow emojis were popularly in use, like smiley faces, shock, anger, sadness and some more. But today, as we all know, emojis are a huge part of texting, and they come in a large variety.

Smiley Nails: Looks

A smile is something that can easily make anyone’s day brighter. When you see someone who can easily offer smiles and can make you laugh, you tend to want to be around that person more often. But it must be noted that not everybody appreciates being smiled at. While in many countries offering a smile to someone, irrespective of whether you know them or not, is considered a polite, friendly notion, in many countries including in India, we usually don’t offer smiles to people. But anyway, as long as you keep that smile on your face and surround yourself in an environment that makes you happy.

Smiley Nails

Best of Looks

These days, acrylic nails can be made in different designs. So if you are looking for something cool, try getting smiley face nails:

  • The first one is a nail look sporting the classic yellow smiley face on a clear, gel coat. This style looks really bright and cool, and it gives your outfit a super cool look. This is a great nail look to go for during summer, when people take out their summer clothes from their closet and look forward to soaking up the rays of the sun. This can be a fun nail look to wear if you prefer wearing solid colours and neutral styles, as it is going to be adding that kick to your outfit.
  • Harry Styles is one of the top, most popular pop stars today. He gained fame from X-Factor UK, when he got into the band One Direction with Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. They went on to win the show, and later on, went to drop some of the most popular boy bands of all time, gaining a huge fan base. Fans were left heartbroken when they disbanded, but they started making really good music individually. But it must be definitely acknowledged that out of all of them, Harry gained the most popularity. So if you are a fan of Harry Styles, you can take the idea from this nail look and create your own.
  • Slime coloured nails are the perfect look to go for if you want something that will look strange and funny. These nails are perfect for that crazy, funky look that will make heads turn to your direction and will add a kick to your outfit without you needing to do much. Although matching colours with outfit is something that is usually done, thinking out of the box can also bring much creativity. These nails are also perfect for Halloween.

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