Especially for beginners it is hard to write a catchy application. But this is very important. Since your future employer does not have much time to check your CV. That means you have to wow him with your entire application and not only with your scores at

Submit a preliminary project – unsolicited

A speculative application can often attract a lot of attention – but that is nothing compared to the approach recommended by career coach Raghav Haran. His tip: Instead of trying to get an interview with pages and pages of application documents, applicants should submit their own project that matches the advertised position.

Such a “pre-interview project” could look like this, for example: If you are applying for a position as a sales representative, you could sell some of the company’s products on your own and record your successes, including your chosen marketing strategy, in a document. For a design job, the applicant could produce some concept drawings in advance and explain how he or she came up with them.  “Do the job before you get the job,” Haran summarizes the idea described in detail. 

Let others speak for you

On career networks like Linkedin, they are among the most popular features: References, and short letters of recommendation from former employers and colleagues. They increase credibility and highlight previously unnoticed qualifications of the profile owner. As on the profile pages, job seekers can also use them to make a good impression in their applications. Simply ask some of your ex-colleagues to write a short three-liner highlighting what they consider to be your greatest strengths. You can then include these references in your resume, for example.

Make it clear what you still want to learn

Even if it comes across differently in many job advertisements: No employer expects a profi who does not need to learn anything or does not like to challenge himself. Every applicant can improve somewhere and acquire new skills. But that is not a bad thing. On the contrary, applicants can use this supposed weakness to their advantage if they make it clear to their employer of choice in their cover letter what they want to improve in the future. Do you wish you had more knowledge of a software program or a foreign language? Do you need a special leadership seminar or do you think speech coaching would be useful? Then write that in your application. If you are open to further training, you will score additional points with the staff.


Design the application in the corporate design

Studies have shown that the best job applications are the ones that are in line with the company. For example, when Airbnb founder Brian Chesky saw Nina Mufleh’s application, his enthusiasm knew no bounds. The applicant had made a speculative application for a job with the accommodation portal and published an online resume that visually resembled the Airbnb user profiles. There, the applicant explained in great detail why she wanted to work for the company.

Of course, applicants don’t have to program an elaborate website right away. It is often sufficient to adapt the application to the corresponding corporate design. It is well known that those who apply with, for example, the design of the cover page, resume and cover letter oriented to the website of the company, are more successful. The corporate colors and parts of the typography were adopted and even the slogan was tailored to the person.

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