Reputable and Efficient Supermicro HPC system management


In the age of HPC system management and AI convergence, Supermicro can provide comprehensive rack-level solutions to enterprise customers for a fraction of the cost across various industries. These include manufacturing, medical research, and energy exploration.

The new Universal GPU server’s dual-processor configurations with either the 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable CPU or the 3rd Generation AMD EPYCTM processor give customers a wide range of options for enhancing their applications and workloads.

Administrators of high-performance computing (HPC system management) and artificial intelligence (AI) clusters may now standardize their hardware for use with a wide range of workloads on a single, unified platform. 

This one-of-a-kind setup is compatible with many graphic processing units (GPUs). The list includes the recently introduced AMD InstinctTM MI200 series accelerators and the NVIDIA A100 GPUs. 

Supermicro’s SuperBlade and BigTwin systems, along with its other products, are at the cutting edge of high-performance computing (HPC) because of their density, scalability, and low power consumption. 

At SC’21 exhibit #1117, Supermicro will showcase the Universal GPU server powered by AMD InstinctTM, MI200 series accelerators.

In light of recent expansions in both the United States and Taiwan, CEO and President Charles Liang has pledged to use the resources at his disposal to “provide comprehensive IT Solutions comprised of sophisticated HPC clusters for customers that beat industry standard lead times.” 

Our large fleet of liquid-cooled clusters, driven by cutting-edge computing technology, allows us to help customers get up and running rapidly and affordably. 

Our Made in the USA program complements our other offerings to better serve our clients’ diverse processing needs for high-performance computing and artificial intelligence. 

The next Universal GPU system will provide consumers with a wide variety of alternatives from which to choose their favorite CPU, GPU, and switch technologies.

The Mystery of Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling is quickly becoming a standard feature in high-performance servers like the Supermicro SuperBlade® and GPU servers containing cutting-edge CPUs. 

The new Supermicro plant now produces fully liquid-cooled clusters, which are rigorously tested before being sent out to customers.

According to Matt Leininger, Senior Principal HPC at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, “we continue to cooperate with Supermicro for numerous of our large-scale HPC systems for our open research programs” (LLNL). 

When it comes to developing original and improved approaches to dealing with problems that require extensive use of numbers, LLNL is at the forefront of research. Working with Supermicro is something we look forward to continuing.

Supermicro and its business allies have long been market leaders in developing innovative HPC system management. 

The Preferred Networks MN-3 Core Server, designed for Intel Xeon processors, was recently named the most energy-efficient server on the Green 500 list.

More About Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Supermicro (SMCI) is the world’s leading developer of sophisticated Server Building Block Solutions® for Enterprise Data Center and Cloud Computing. 

It is also famously known for Artificial Intelligence, and Edge Computing Systems, as well as the originator of high-performance and high-efficiency HPC system management technology. 

Supermicro’s Smart Running

Supermicro’s “We Keep IT Green®” program demonstrates the company’s dedication to protecting the environment. To keep their word, they sell only the most environmentally friendly and efficient HPC system management on the market.

The ASPEED AST 2600 controller is the basis of the BMC in the Supermicro X12 platform. The AST2600 is compatible with systems that use PCI Express x1 buses. Up to 16 I2C or SMBUS devices can talk to it.

The Supermicro X11 platform uses ASPEED AST 2500-based baseboard management controllers (BMC). The AST2500 is compatible only with PCI Express x1 bus systems. 


The ASPEED AST 2400 controller is the basis for the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) on the Supermicro X10 platform. The AST2400 supports the PCI Express x1 bus interface. A total of 14 slots are available for I2C and SMBUS devices.