Red Dead Redemption 2 tips:


1. Hunting with the Eye of Death

Morgan’s slow-motion shooting skills are particularly useful when targeting smaller prey such as squirrels and foxes. Dead Eye will also highlight the vital signs of the animal. If you use ammunition of the correct caliber, you usually need to nail the bullet to the heart or neck immediately and clean it. Check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 hunting tips for more tips which can be got from experts an online platforms by paying the fees through payoneer account.

2. Activate `Toggle to Run`

Select this option from the main control menu to save effort when switching to a system that only needs to tap A / X once instead of holding it all the time. Running in Red Dead is tiring enough…especially when Arthur often carries a corpse on his back. We provide more tips for improving the game in the best Red Dead Redemption 2 setup guide.

3. Give simple commands to your horse.

When you are close to your pony friend, you can make Morgan’s loyal mount follow, stay or run away by pressing the left trigger.

4. Cooperate with your steed to unlock secret moves.

The more mounts you join, the more abilities you can unlock. In the second level of combination, hold down RB / R1 and click X / Square, your horse will be raised in the classic Wild West style. In the third level, the furry companion can press RB / R1 and A / X to make a substantial horse-handbrake turn while moving. Once you reach the highest link level 4, if you press and hold B/Square while jogging, your horse will move left and right. This is a useful operation when you ride through dense forest and want to quickly bypass the bushes.

5. Know your HUD options

You can turn off the radar and all other screen displays by holding down the arrow keys, and then select “Turn off the radar” for a more immersive experience. In this non-HUD mode, quickly pressing the arrow key down will restore your radar to normal.

Conversely, you can also make the radar larger by selecting “Expand”, which is useful for spotting enemy icons in intense firefights. To choose the middle house method, select the “compass” option, which will show you the general direction you want to point when driving towards the target, rather than the faster and more accurate route provided by ordinary radar.

6. Learn to play poker at the training camp

Learn to play poker at the Dutch training camp so that you will not lose your hard-won things while learning how to play poker. The biggest bet when playing with gang members is insignificant dollars; in these games, you may lose only a penny, but before you enter the world high roller table, playing cards here helps teach poker Basic knowledge. In fact, a complete explanation of the poker rules is also hidden in the help section of the pause menu.

7. Do you feel lazy? Use sport mode

Set waypoint and enter sport mode, you can ride to your destination without inputting anything…but we recommend that you don’t deviate from the console. If Arthur is attacked by bounty hunters or hostile gangs during the journey, you will quickly exit the movie mode and defend yourself.

8. Take a selfie of the Wild West

Select Arthur’s camera on the project wheel. You can take a beautiful virtual photo of your surroundings and upload it to Rockstar Social Club. Fortunately, all photos you upload will also be tagged with convenient hashtags, such as #Valentine or #Saint-Denis. You can even take an old selfie with Arthur’s camera. He is really a progressive criminal.

9. Rejuvenate your core

Although supplements and other potions can rejuvenate your dead eye, health and endurance, you need to pay close attention to your core. No, it doesn’t mean going to the gym, but it does mean making sure Arthur Morgan maintains a good diet, drinking water and, uh, throwing stones, otherwise he will find that how far he can run is severely restricted. How long can you live, even shoot? Make sure to open your wallet regularly to provide Arthur with food, drinks and other consumables. He needs to keep his core full. If in doubt, please return to your camp or create a temporary camp to provide Arthur with a well. A well-deserved rest to stay ahead. Same as your horse. Make sure to hook them when possible to get enough rest, brush them to restore their endurance, and feed them sugar cubes and other horse food to maintain their optimal health some say like in deposit withdraw.

10. Carry a lot of tobacco

Smoking cigars, cigarettes and even eating raw Indian tobacco will charge your dead-eye meter. Since you might beat a lot of people in slow motion, this is the core that consumes the fastest. You can also prepare snake oil at the campsite to keep the core of the dead eye intact. However, be careful not to eat too much raw tobacco. You can only eat so many plants for 24 hours in the game before the effect starts to diminish. Resist the urge to eat yourself on Indian tobacco for a day, and your effectiveness will be restored.

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