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Prepaid vs. Postpaid recharge plans – Which one should you choose and why?


Initially, the purpose of mobile phones was to facilitate emergency contact with those who were not around physically. To give a seamless experience, cellular networks have kept up with the pace as it has grown into something much more. Postpaid and prepaid connections are the two types that are most often employed to enable voice calling features.

The primary distinction between Prepaid and Postpaid Services is the point at which you pay for the services you receive. Prepaid plans require an initial payment for the services before use, whereas Postpaid plans need payment as a bill at the end of the month or year. It generally comes with a recharge and a duration limit.

With MobiKwik, you can easily settle your recharge bills, both prepaid and postpaid, with just a few clicks.

What are prepaid plans?

Prepaid plans are mobile service plans that demand upfront payment from consumers. Customers who use prepaid services often do not use a lot of data during the day.  Prepaid plans often offer lower prices but fewer additional features and perks than postpaid plans. Due to the lack of a monthly commitment, prepaid mobile phone packages are also known as no-contract mobile plans.

Consumers buy a recharge to acquire prepaid telecom services, which may subsequently be used as a mobile balance for a variety of activities, including calling, messaging, surfing the internet, etc. For e.g., while exploring MobiKwik, you can get the best offers on BSNL recharge plans. They provide good prepaid plans which are budget friendly and offer great service.

What are postpaid plans?

A mobile network service is a postpaid plan that charges users at the end of each month. You will get a monthly net bill for a postpaid account based on a predetermined sum, which may change depending on your monthly consumption. The greatest candidates for this strategy are individuals with a reliable source of income.

Since postpaid plans provide a longer contract with the consumer and a set price, the majority of mobile carriers encourage customers to remain on them.

Users are given services in advance, and they pay the cost thereafter. The user and the supplier have already agreed on the duration of time for the services to be provided. Depending on the plans, it may be 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, etc. Customers can pay their BSNL Postpaid Bill Payment through  MobiKwik payment  app/website monthly.

A detailed comparison between Prepaid and Postpaid plans:

  • Recharging Options

Prepaid plans demand that you reload your account before you may use it. As a user or customer, you are encouraged by postpaid policies to make calls, send messages, and so forth conveniently, and you would be charged at the end of each month.

With prepaid plans, you may choose from several tariffs with various add-ons when you recharge, and you can switch the recharge option you use each time you top up.

When your postpaid account’s limits are used up, unlike with a prepaid contract, your service provider will still let you use its services, and the cost will be added to your bill the following month.

  • Adjustable Tariff Plans

If you have a prepaid package, you may rapidly change to another tariff plan by adhering to a few easy instructions. On the other side, Postpaid subscribers now find it more difficult to switch plans.

You only need to get a recharge done of the same plan if you wish to alter your prepaid one. On the other hand, you must first contact a customer service representative if you want to modify your postpaid plan. They’ll ask for a lot of your info. You must wait until the end of the current payment cycle before the new plan is active once the plan has been changed.

  • Efficiency in Cost and Payment

Prepaid mobile network plans are significantly more affordable than Postpaid plans. However, users should be aware of their plan’s expiration date because they must renew their phone sim card to continue their services.

Although somewhat extra expensive than Prepaid plans, Postpaid plans are more popular and offer additional benefits to users. Postpaid products are difficult to cancel and have no expiry date even if your service provider will slightly extend the period if you don’t pay the payment on time at the end of every month.

  • Data Utilization

To make sure that all of its customers can afford a plan, most mobile operators provide various pricing options and data limits for postpaid and prepaid services. But most postpaid connections allow unlimited data usage, whereas prepaid plans typically have data limits.

  • Customer Care Response:-

If you own a Postpaid mobile network plan and need to get in touch with customer care, you will receive a quicker and more thorough response.

On the other hand, if you have prepaid service, you may have long hold times on customer care calls and large lines at the branch.


Prepaid plans were initially more expensive, while postpaid service providers offered better value. Today’s prepaid network providers are so fiercely competitive that most individuals choose to use them because of their extremely aggressive pricing. Postpaid networks do, however, still offer definite benefits over prepaid. 

Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you want prepaid or postpaid services and what kind of connection you have.

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