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piers pokemon

Piers Pokemon: The famous dark type pokemon and the older brother of the current Gym leader Marine. He is also known to be the leader of the Team known as “Yell.”

OUTLOOK: Piers Pokemon

Piers is a slim physique pokemon. His eyes always look tired and he is young. His skin is quite pallid. The color of his eyes are cyan and they always look droopy. His signature make up is that he always tends to wear a bluish gray eye shadow under his eyes. His eyebrows are black in color and are angular in nature. You can find lines between his eyes. The color of his hair is black and white. His hair style is spiky and the length of his hair is long. His hair covers half of his face, it looks very stylish and he has tied his hair in three pony tails. He wears a black and magenta themed jump suit shorts with a white jacket that has diagonal strips printed on it.

He wears a glove on his hand which is thumbless. Piers Pokemon also wears a belt on which hi dark type pokeballs are hanging. His footwear is gray shoes with spikes on them.

PERSONALITY: Piers Pokemon

He appears to be not too happy and always kinda glum and sadistic. He seems so lethargic. Piers Pokemon surely has an apathetic attitude to most of his surroundings. He is always cool and keeps a dull expression. He ignores most of his surroundings so he didn’t even realize a team Yell has been formed. Piers Pokemon is not scared of saying anything to anyone, you can call him a blunt person. He does not shy away from pointing the mistakes or flaws in others when he is disappointed. The only times he converts into an energetic entity is when he starts singing during his fights. But besides all this, he actually cares about his brother. He is also responsible and someone you can rely on.

Sometimes he becomes so confident during his battles, he sings out his strategies out loud.

ORIGIN OF IT’S NAME: Piers Pokemon

His name Piers is most likely derived from the word – “Pierce” as piercing something or someone or even your own body. Pierce can also denote loud music which pierces through the ears or hearts, this could be an indication towards his passion for singing. Rock is the genre of the music he listens to mostly and also sings.

But his japanese name originates from “nezumi”, which actually means a rat or a mouse, both nocturnal in their nature.


Piers’s hairstyle closely looks alike to Obstagoon

His uniform number – 061 can be read in Japanese as Wauri which means “bad”

He is the first Gym leader ever to use and master the Dark type pokemon style

People call him the 1st evil team leader

Piers Pokemon


“This is a simple Gym stadium. We cant even Dynamax our pokemon, but well I still hope you enjoy the battle. Now then, I am the Gym leader of Spikemuth, PIERS, The Dark Type user!”

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