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nandini khanna

A popular comedian Chandan Prabhakar who appeared as Raju chaiwala for the show The Kapil Sharma is one who is happily married. Khanna got married to Nandini Khanna around 2015 and then this couple become proud parents of their daughter Advika and also Chandan keep on sharing his news and updates on the photos of his wife and his daughter on the social media platforms such as Instagram.

About Nandini Khanna

Nandini Khanna is known to appear in the public and she was seen with first seen in public with Chandan and his daughter advika. Khanna also appear for the Kapil Sharma show and also then they appear for the Ginni Chatrapath’s reception and also they were seen in various events that occur in Mumbai.

Nandini Khanna Marriage

Chandan Prabakar married her around 27th April 2015. They got married around 2015 since then they mostly appeared in a lot of reality shows consisting of comedy and also were seen in various events held during that time in Mumbai. After that Chandan Prabhakar welcomed their baby girl who is known to be her daughter Advika around march., 2017. They married and become parents to the baby girl Advika.

Nandini Khanna Wedding Reception

They all appeared at the wedding reception of Kapil Sharma and his wife Ginni chatrapath. During the wedding reception of Kapil Sharma which was held in Mumbai. The photos of the family are clicked by the photographer and in these photos, they were clicked by the photographer. The whole family appears in this pic and they were seen all happy and content.

Nandini Khanna

Know About Chandu Chaiwala’s Wife

He is one of the actors which become very much popular in the TV show and he is known to be his childhood friend of the Chandan. This comedian married Nandini around 2015 then after that they become the parents of the daughter advika whose pics were given and posted on Instagram. And then they become the parents of the daughter advika around 2015. Khanna wife mostly doesn’t want to stay in limelight and most of the time she is away from the limelight and rarely seen in public. Khanna spent their career and time and were last seen at the wedding reception of Kapil Sharma which is held in Mumbai.

Special Facts About Her Wife

He is a family man and comedian Chandan Prabhakar was rarely seen with his wife and most of the time enjoys the company of her daughter advika at all times. He married her in a private ceremony and then a baby girl was born around march 2017. Khanna that, she was very much lucky to have him and Chandu gain a lot of success after marrying her and wanted and desire to earn more success after the arrival of her daughter Advika. And he became the proud father of his daughter. He married Nandini around March 2017. He is the father of a single daughter who is an advika.

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