MP E Uparjan 2023 Registration: ई उपार्जन किसान पंजीयन कैसे करें

MP E Uparjan
MP E Uparjan

One of the most well-known Madhya Pradesh government projects is the MP e Uparjan Scheme. The state government of Madhya Pradesh wants to help all farmers through the MP e Uparjan Scheme.

More About MP E Uparjan In Detail

The Madhya Pradesh government’s E-Uparjan scheme has transformed the way the state’s farmers sell their goods. The programme has received widespread appreciation and acceptance from the farming community with the goal of empowering farmers and expediting the agricultural marketing process. The E-Uparjan scheme’s creation of a productive and open agricultural selling mechanism in Madhya Pradesh is one of its main goals. The plan successfully gets rid of middlemen, guaranteeing that farmers get fair rates for their crops. The initiative reduces the possibility of farmers being exploited while increasing their profit margins by promoting immediate interactions between farmers and purchasers.

MP E Uparjan: How Does It Work?

Farmers that successfully register will be given a slip that contains their registration code, or Kisan Code. All farmers will receive an SMS alert notifying them of the crop purchase date. Farmers must go to the buying center on the day specified in the Message in order to sell their crops. When farmers show up to the crop buy center, the transaction is finished, and they are given a receipt. Following that, the farmers’ financial institutions would get the settlement amount right away. Farmers must collect payment in order to complete the transaction. Farmers can bring their crops to the center on the day specified in the SMS. The authorities will provide farmers with an exact date on which they should visit the center to sell their produce.

MP E Uparjan

Mp E Uparjan: Registration Process

  • Go to MP E Uparjan’s official webpage.
  • On the home page, select the Kharif 2022-23 option
  • .A new page will open; select the option to look for farmer registration/applications.
  • Choose your district’s Farmer code/mobile number/Samrag number.
  • Select the submit button.
  • The application process has been completed.

Mp E Uparjan: Mission

The online registration process employed for Krishi Mandi proved to be difficult for farmers in Madhya Pradesh. The online registration process through the MP E-procurement website was put into place as part of the uparjan MP, which aims to address these problems experienced by farmers. This year, producers in the state will be able to use Uparjan Kendra for e-procurement, which will save them time and money.

MP E Uparjan: Guidelines

Farmers in Madhya Pradesh who want to use this e-procurement platform have to first verify that they meet the conditions mentioned in the sections that follow. All Madhya Pradesh farmers’ Aadhaar numbers and Samagra IDs can be utilized this year to register the entire agricultural workforce in the state. If you don’t already have a Samagra ID, you must first apply for one in order to sign up for the MP Uparjan Portal. You must present either your Samagra ID or your Aadhaar card when registering. Verifying that the applicant submitted appropriate information regarding their bank accounts during online registration is crucial. You must first enter a mobile phone number in order to register for the MP electronic procurement portal. Your cell phone number has to be associated with your Aadhaar account before you can complete the registration procedure.

MP E Uparjan: Advantages

The MP E Uparjan website has been launched by the government of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The government would buy the farmers’ crops through this portal at an average support price. Farmers who wish to sell their harvests to the government must first register on this website. Following registration, the farmer must sell their harvest at the nearest purchase shop. Currently, farmers can sell their crops without going to a government office. With the aid of 2022–23, this may be done remotely from the convenience of their home, saving them a great deal of time & money while also increasing system transparency. This platform will also enable farmers to become self-sufficient.

MP E Uparjan: Updates

The procurement registration process is now complete. The state of Madhya Pradesh’s chief minister, Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, has yet to formally declare the purchase of crops. As soon as the higher authorities make the announcement, he will release the information on a formal platform. Following that, all farmers can bring their sale crop to the designated selling sites during the time permitted. Crop purchases will be governed by the state government at the designated times. Previously, numerous district mandis were in charge of the E-Uparjan application. For this year, though, the government has shifted the entire process online. As a result, willing applicants might also register themselves.

MP E Uparjan: Application Download Process

Go to the ‘Google Play Store’ to get the mobile MP E Uparjan app. Enter ‘MP E Uparjan’ into the search box. A list will then appear in front of you. You must select the first option. On the following screen, select Install. After that, your device will download this app.

MP E Uparjan: Challenges

The sheer scope of the process posed a significant problem, with Rabi procurement taking place in 40 districts & Kharif purchase taking place in fifty districts of the entire state. Aside from these issues, the execution was delayed by difficulties like tough terrain in some places, poor train connectivity, inadequate internet connectivity, the installation of IT operations in interior regions, and insufficient power supply in several areas.

MP E Uparjan: Features

In order to put the E-Uparjan initiative into action, the state administration has created an online platform where farmers may register & sell their commodities directly to authorized customers. This digital portal provides farmers with real-time information about crop pricing, storage facilities, and numerous government programmes. Additionally, the online interface reduces paperwork and buys farmers valuable time while ensuring that the entire purchase process is transparent.

The government assures farmers rapid and hassle-free payment within 48 hours after harvesting their crops under the E-Uparjan scheme. Due to the avoidance of payment delays, farmers are able to put their earnings back into their farming operations. Farmers receive online payments invoices for their records as part of the initiative, which also ensures payment transparency.

To serve the state’s substantial farming community, the government has established various procurement centers throughout the state. These facilities and infrastructure are modern, allowing for an effective procurement procedure. Farmers may now sell their produce more easily and without needless obstacles or delays thanks to their improved connections to these centers.

Why Should You Go For MP E Uparjan?

The E-Uparjan plan prioritizes crop quality. Each batch that is purchased is carefully examined, and any differences or problems are noted. Farmers are able to enhance their methods in the future by using this to get feedback on their produce. This quality control system makes sure that only the very best crops are purchased, increasing total output and farmer profitability. The application has been confirmed and is being monitored by the MP government, therefore the information provided here is correct. You can view the information and figures from the app and print them if you like. Sign up and receive the perks. Make an online complaint about your problems.

MP E Uparjan

MP E Uparjan: View Application Status

Clicking on the link to the MP E Uparjan Portal’s official website,, is the first thing you need to do. Your computer screen will display the official website’s home page. You must now click on the Farmer Registration/Application Search link.

The registration number for the Rabi Crop eUparjan must be entered on the new page that appears once you click the aforementioned link. Then press the search button. Your MP E Uparjan application progress will be shown on the display of your machine. As a result, you can readily determine the current state of your MP E Uparjan application process.

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