Money-Earning Apps: How to Participate in Surveys


Money-making apps provide a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses alike. It helps the company conduct surveys and lets it gain valuable insight into the needs and preferences of customers. Meanwhile, consumers also get to earn some extra cash for their participation. 

According to reports, one of Australia’s paid online survey platforms has over 3 million members. Also, the legitimacy of these apps has contributed to their growing popularity in the country. 

So, choosing the right money earning apps in Australia can have several benefits. For instance, you may make some cash through surveys and track your expenses regularly. However, with so many apps available, you may get overwhelmed. So, before using an app and participating in a survey, make sure you know a bit more about it.

Why Do Companies Pay for Surveys?

You might be apprehensive about using an app and participating in a survey. After all, why would a company pay you for expressing your thoughts and opinions? The reality is businesses rely on customer feedback. 

The surveys are usually run by market research companies and hired by different companies to get your opinion on products, services, and other topics requiring customer input. As such, the success of a product or service will ensure the company makes profits, and hence, money-earning apps help you gain rewards after completing a survey. 

What Is the Process of Taking Online Surveys?

There is over 31 money earning apps in Australia, and to take part in surveys conducted by them, you need to go through the following steps:

Choose a Company

You may come across various paid survey sites like brand recognition surveys, product appeal surveys, advertising effectiveness surveys, or surveys regarding any particular service. So, while choosing an app, make sure that it is legitimate and pays for your time and efforts. 

Check Legitimacy

While selecting an app, make sure you research the site and look thoroughly into its privacy policy. As such, you should be mindful of companies that gather respondents’ personal information and use them against your consent. So, if a privacy policy is not clearly mentioned, then it is best to steer clear of such apps. You should also not participate in surveys where you are asked to pay beforehand. Remember that any legitimate website will not ask to pay money before taking a survey. 

Profile Creation

You can create different profiles for every business you take surveys with. And after registration, you may need to answer a few questions. It may be time-consuming, but you must fill out each profile accurately. Meanwhile, note that each survey is created for a specific demographic, so you will not receive a survey if you are not a part of the sample population.

Receiving and Completing Surveys

You will receive most of the surveys through emails. And some surveys may be readily available for you, while some may require you to answer pre-survey questions to ensure that you are a part of the target population. Moreover, you may have to answer multiple-choice questions or type long answers if required. 

Reward Collection

The types of rewards you get may vary. While for some surveys, you earn points which can later be used to redeem cash and rewards. Some companies also make direct money transfers to your account and offer additional incentives for a referral. 

Consumer feedback helps businesses make necessary changes to products and services before they are offered to consumers. The information gathered may also impact the development of a new product or service and its marketing. So, before engaging in a survey, make sure it is legitimate and is worth your time.