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Liebling Comic: Story, Fun, Interest, Creative

Liebling Comic

Comics or simply Manga are famous illustrations with story, characters and their developments since the 40s, as they are shown in cartoonish fashion but the emotions and character growth over each edition and episodes make the readers engaged throughout the series. Such an intriguing comic series is ‘Liebling’, which is a Korean manga series. Let us know more details about this manga.

Manga Back History: Liebling Comic 

Liebling comic series or manga series is a Romantic drama based on fantasies and Yaoi. This manga was originally released in Korean in the year 2018, and later translated into English. The author of this series was Nuruk Kim who was also the Illustrator. There are more than 138 chapters in this drama. This manga was quite famous due to its romance as well as dramatic elements set in a fantasy world. 

Proper combination among these things set the balance and set a unique romantic and mature relationship between the two protagonists. Although there were scenes with so many explicit sex and violence with abuses physically and mentally bruising not only the character but also the readers and they were connectedthroughout the manga making it even more successful.

Manga Synopsis: Liebling Comic 

The story is set in modern day Korea, when Park Taehoon’s girlfriend has just dumped him. Right then,  travelling forward in the time, 15th century Knight Captain magically enters into the future right where Park lives. The Knight was in the fight to protect his young master from an ambush and right then he was sent into the future. As he was about to swing the curse on his sword in the 15th century fight, he travels into the future and deflects that curse unknowingly into Park’s body. 

Now to revert the curse, they are bound by another strange sexual speel, where he has to intercourse with him in order to break free the curse and Knight to get back in the time. All the adventures he faces to understand the present world as well as his unusual sexual relation with a man, makes this manga truly adventurous and romantic for many. How does he travel during the ambush and how will they manage to revert with having sexual intercourse between two men, is what forms the remaining of the story.

Manga Main Characters: Liebling Comic 

The two most important characters of this manga among which Serious relationship changes and the gradual character progression takes place are Karl-Heinz Leopold and Park Taehoon. Leopold is a knight who comes from the 15th century. Park Taehoon is a present day modern Korean whose girlfriend just recently rejected him. Leopold is a bodyguard with long facial hair and muscular build. Taehoon is just an average adult with average build body and smokes cigarettes non stopply. 

Leopold is a sword fighter and being a citizen of the past doesn’t quite get the present day rules, regulations and world orders. He behaves exactly how a person from the past would do and much of his behaviour leaves Taehoon either laughing for hours or feeling awkward and embarrassed among the crowd. The funny relationship bonding and character development with each other from hate to love is what forms the story.

Liebling Comic

Manga Release And Business: Liebling

The first episode was released on 16th June, 2018 and the last episode was released on 10th April, 2021. This manga was a huge hit due to the relationship and romantic elements happening between the two protagonists.  The drama was a blockbuster with more than a half a million copies sold and people love this manga, it was really popular in the Korean market. After the success of a few episodes it soon started releasing in English.

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