Lesbian Fashion: Power Of Community

Lesbian Fashion

Lesbian Fashion: Intro

The lesbian fashion community has often struggled to establish its identity and get acceptance from society. Certain societal norms restrict them from embracing their sexuality and preferences. However, in the 21st century everything is evolving and so are these norms. People are accepting their identity and others are supporting them too.

Fashion has always been a powerful medium for the lesbian community to come out into the world, or as a tool of expression. Lesbians often have a different style than straight women, they prefer a little masculine fashion or less feminine fashion. Fashion just allows them to be comfortable and confident to face the world.

Types of lesbian fashion:

Did you know that there are different preferences in terms of fashion amongst lesbians? Some may like to style themselves in a boyish manner while some may like to dress in a more feminine way. Well, there are designated names for these types of styles. Let`s start with “Femme lesbian” fashion, as the name suggests people who like this type of fashion, dress in a feminine manner.

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They enjoy flaunting their long hair and heavy makeup look that`s why they are also known as the “lipstick lesbian”. However, it is possible that they can get invisible or not identified as lesbians in the crowd, but just by adding some elements to your look, you can amplify your queerness and grab all that attention from the “gal pals”. Another kind and the oldest way of dressing is the “Butch style”. This style has its history as lesbians from earlier times have been dressing like this to address their sexuality or to hide it.

Lesbian Fashion
Lesbian Fashion: What makes them special?

Indeed, butch fashion is inclined towards the masculine style of dressing. Butch fashion translates a sense of sturdiness or attitude, so women who are more comfortable wearing jeans and shirts, pants, or suits will relate to this style the most. Butch women can be identified easily as they would have a masculine haircut and would be wearing menswear clothing. Stem fashion is a mixture of femme and butch fashion, it is moreover a ‘gender-neutral’ style. Other trends are tomboy lesbian, Goth lesbian. Other than these there are various genderless styles available that everybody can try.

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Try and buy:

There are some queer styles that you can try and proudly walk on the streets owning your sexuality. Baggy t-shirts, military joggers, and vans for a casual look, or for formals you can try a loose-fit pants suit with a white shirt, plaid pants with a hat to add an edge to your outfit. You can also wear some Bennie or a cap with a vest and shorts for a tomboyish look. Femme lesbians can try flowy dresses or feminine cut tops.

Lesbian Fashion
Lesbian Fashion: Class

Butch lesbians can try a head-to-toe black outfit or a denim jacket with ankle boots to look queerer. Some brands sell amazing and affordable clothes for lesbians such as Stuzo clothing which offers genderless outfits. Wildfang is a queer-run clothing brand that you can try, style is freedom, queer supply, and kirrin finch are some of the best brands that cater to the lesbian community.

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