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Korean Street Fashion

Korean street fashion: Intro

Korean influence is leaving its mark around the globe. Whether it is the music industry, entertainment industry, or fashion industry, none is left behind. Don`t we all love BTS or Squid games or even Train to Busan (Korean street fashion)? Similarly, Korean fashion is now been followed and appreciated worldwide, thanks to the Hallyu wave (Korean culture wave). Ever since the popularity of k-pop, k – dramas has led people to swoon over the amazing looks carried off by the celebs, Korean fashion has taken over a small space in all our wardrobes.

Korean street fashion in-depth: Intro

Very much like Paris, London, and New York fashion week, Seoul fashion week is also famous and you get to see some very stylish looks. Korean street fashion become famous due to the coming of the age brands started by young designers mainly targeting the youth and Korea`s It infrastructure that made these fast fashion brands popular. Just like in Japan, there are many streets in Korea where we get to see diverse fashion styles and honestly, this is why it is so difficult to describe Korean street fashion in one statement.

Korean Street Fashion
Class of Korean Street Fashion

Some areas where you must visit when you are in the country to observe the trends are Gangnam and Hongdae. These places have various fashion stores, fabric stores, etc. and they are the epicenter of diverse fashion. Korean street fashion brands provide high-quality outfits at much cheaper rates that is why nobody stays out of fashion in South Korea. Knowingly or unknowingly, K-style has made an impact on everyone`s life. Whether it is a boy or a girl, there must be an oversized piece of clothing laying somewhere in all of our wardrobes. Baggy style clothes got so famous since the last season, everyone you see around is either wearing an oversized hoodie, baggy boyfriend jeans, or baggy pants. Even all the high-end and fast fashion brands have stocked up on the oversized collection. This is one of the major styles to have hailed from Korea and worn by all.

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K-style clothing:

There are many k-trends that you must have observed here and there, somewhere on social media, or in real life. Miniskirts, pleated skirts, baggy coats, and blazers are the most common fashion trends followed for many years in Korea. Couple clothing is another cute trend that you can try with your partner. The layering trend is in vogue these days, pairing your tight polo neck with a dress on top, a spaghetti strap top above a shirt, or even a half sweater vest on top of loose-fit shirts.

Korean Street Fashion
Woman in Korean Street Fashion

If you are an early adopter of fashion or someone who likes to stay in style, there are some Korean street fashion and Norris Nuts Fashion trends you can try in 2022. Making the oversize trend a little interesting, it seems that off-shoulder tops are getting oversized in Korea. School girl Tennis skirts are making a comeback along with blazers. You can also try outfits with puffy sleeves or pair your tops with flared pants. The above listed are some of the amazing trends for the upcoming season that you must try.

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