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Kink Memes: Jokes, Love, Fun, Memories

Kink Memes

It’s 2022, and in this era people do tend to have different and unique choices. It does not mean you deserve to be made fun of if you have a different choice, but making memes is harmless and jokes should be taken as Jokes, not personal. With this thing being clear, Kink refers to a weird taste in sex which is unique and different to others, but liked by you. People may love your kink it or hate it, what matters is that you love your kink and it’s who you are. If you are a “kinky” person, be sure to check out our list of the best kinky memes below.


Different people have different kinks and that’s nothing to be ashamed about, every one deserves to have the choices they like, weird or not. But some people might finf it difficult for them to come out of the closet and reveal their kinks to friends or various people. This is the part where memes do the magic. There is nothing better in this world than finding you kink on a meme on social media and seeing that so many people consider this normal and you feel like you are not alone. People also make memes on their kinks and it makes them happy to see that their kinky meme is getting so many shares and likes. These memes tend go viral often because people love memes which are sexual in nature and especially these memes about different kinks as it allows them to know other people and embrace their interests.

Kink Memes


  • When you are getting mugged but it triggers a new kink you didn’t know existed within you.
  • When he grabs your throat while kissing : Mom, I am getting married.
  • Her : I have a Daddy kink.

Me : Go to school and complete your homework in time.

  • When they think choking you is a punishment but you are smiling from the inside.
  • When you both are cute together but are also submissive

Her : Dominate me

Me : I can’t.

  • If he won’t grab my throat at the alter while getting married, he isn’t the one.
  • Her : Punish me daddy

Him : You are grounded for a week.

  • When you are trying to torture the girl but see that she is actually enjoying the process.
  • Him : treat me like I’m your daddy

Her : pay my college fees then.

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