Is it worth betting on the national teams of Cyprus and how to do it?


Football matches remain the most popular among bettors. This industry is able to bring in a stable income due to the fact that meetings of football clubs take place throughout the year. When one of the championships comes to an end, the other is just starting, that allows you to get a lot of interesting options for sporting Cyprus betting from the bookmaker.

Football betting is in demand among a wide audience of bettors for a reason. This sport is very dynamic, and at the same time, any championship has its leaders and outsiders. As a result of a careful study of the selected championship, you can find several teams whose victory will be the most likely event in most meetings. It is also worth looking at information about the activities of the company on official websites.

In Cyprus, football is one of the main sports disciplines, not only for watching, but also for betting. Locals prefer to bet on football both at land-based points throughout the country and through online bookmakers. One of the brightest examples of a reliable online bookmaker for betting on football is Parimatch. On the official website of Parimatch, players are offered with all the world championships and football tournaments, and a wide line allows them to bet on any event in each match, both before the start of the game and during the match.

What can you bet on during football matches?

The list of football matches remains the widest for any bookmaker that offers to bet on classic team sports. Football bettors can choose from thousands of different markets. You can easily find both top gaming events and bet on a meeting between little-known teams. There are a lot of betting options, so it’s worth stopping at the most popular ones. If you bet on the result of a match, then any bookmaker will offer three options:

  • bet on the hosts of the match;
  • bet on a draw;
  • bet on guests of the match.

The main results are attractive for high coefficients. Bookmakers set a minimum margin on them, so the profit in case of success will be maximum. At the same time, players should also study the unique offers from bookmakers. For example, many of them offer to bet on a win, on both teams to score, or on a win without conceded goals. Bettors can place a single bet or make a few of it.

Total in football matches

Speaking about popular types of bets, it is impossible to miss such a popular option as total. This bet is chosen by players who are able to accurately predict the outcome of the match. The task is to determine the coefficient of goals, which in football can be calculated with a high probability. Usually the total is 2.5 or 3.5, and the bettor has to choose between the total over or under. If you choose a total over 2.5, then this means that at least 3 goals must be scored to win the match. With a total of less than 2.5, the number of goals conceded must not exceed 2 goals.

It is also popular among players in Cyprus to bet on odds. This is the specifics of the Cyprus championship, because the difference between the teams can be significant and in some games the teams can show greater goal scoring performance. Also bookmakers offer to place bets on certain handicaps. For example, when betting with a handicap, you can choose the result in which the team wins with a handicap of 3.5 goals over the opponent. You can bet with a handicap both on victory and on defeat, which expands the possibilities for applying such a bet.

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