Instructions for Utilising a MasterCard Gift Card


This article gives you instructions for utilising MasterCard gift cards. A buddy who is tough to buy for might benefit from receiving an easy gift choice, such as a prepaid MasterCard gift card. The purchase of a gift card results in presenting a tangible gift rather than the movement of cash from one wallet to another, even though you may use the money on the gift card just like cash. You may use a gift card issued by MasterCard at various places, unlike a gift card issued by a single business that you can only use at that store. MasterCard gift cards are pretty similar to using a credit or debit card.

How to Activate and Make Use of Your Card?

Find the phone number that is not charged for use on the back of the gift card. Dial the activation number on the card. To complete this step, you will often need to use the buttons on your phone to input the gift card number. After activating the card, it is immediately available for usage.

You may use your gift card as a form of payment at any location that accepts MasterCard. Before the cashier swipes the card, inform them that you will be paying with a gift card. To do a manual swipe of the card, hit the button labelled “gift card.” When making purchases online, the option to pay with a “gift card” should also be available.

You should keep making purchases until the amount on the prepaid gift card is depleted. When there is not enough money left on the gift card to cover the total cost of an item you are purchasing, the amount still available on the card will apply to the cost of the item. The remaining balance will need to be paid for using another means.

Purchasing using a MasterCard

You may buy a MasterCard gift card online from a website such as, among other online retailers. You may personalise your card in many different ways, such as by uploading a picture or selecting a particular style for the gift card. You have the option of adding a monetary sum ranging from ten dollars to five hundred dollars. In the last step, they will ask you to input the name of the card’s recipient and an optional personal message shown on the card’s front. You may use gift cards anywhere that accepts the MasterCard payment system.

In addition to gas stations and convenience shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, and shopping malls all sell MasterCard gift cards. You may purchase one of these cards at any of these places. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to purchase a personalised card for you at any of these shops.


You can determine how much money is left on your gift card by dialling the number printed on the back of the card. When making a purchase, if the cashier asks you for your Personal Identification Number (PIN), it is likely because they recorded the transaction as “debit” rather than “gift card.” Cancel the purchase, and then ask the person to swipe the card a second time as a gift card. The majority of the time, the MasterCard gift card does not have an expiration date. After a year of inactivity on your part, however, you may be subject to a cost of $4.95.