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Instagram trends to pay attention to in 2022


Social media has provided a vast platform for online marketing. Particularly, Instagram has made it to the largest social media market. Following are some of the trends that could be followed in 2022 to boost marketing on Instagram:

  • Demand for Instagram shopping is above all. According to a survey, an average Instagram user spends half an hour on Instagram all day. People now prefer social media platforms to research, discover, and buy products. Research says that 70% of people discover new services and products on Instagram. 87% of the audience has been influenced by potential Instagrammers to purchase the product. At the same time, 130 million users say that they follow shopping posts to learn more about their favorite products. 
  • Making reels. Instagram users must bring more entertaining video content to improve their marketing. Users should know that a long and plain video is not enough. The video should be entertaining, innovative, and creative to be outstanding.

Also, users do not have enough time to watch the whole video. Hence, quick and new content is required by the audience. For this purpose, Instagram’s marketing strategy should be aligned with the Instagram reels, which are entertaining and short videos. Individuals might need to use some Instagram video editor to make their Instagram videos concise and precise before posting them as well. 

  • Organic Instagram video. Video is the fastest way to build the trust and intimacy of users with their audience. At the time of the foundation of Instagram, only photos could be posted. But now, videos are posted parallel to the photos, increasing the bottom line of business on Instagram. Similarly, Avple is a social media & video sharing platform where you can watch, download and upload high-quality videos and earn money too by uploading the videos on it.

Video can be featured on Instagram through Instagram reels, direct messages, and Instagram live. To make it feasible for young entrepreneurs to thrive in their business through Instagram, Instagram has launched specific features for e-commerce such as the Instagram store, in-app checkout, shoppable stickers, product tags, etc.

  •  Instagram features. Instagram has introduced many features in 2021. It seems that it is going to be the largest investor in online businesses in 2022. People have taken over their social media business on Instagram so much that it feels that it is their part-time job. They’re getting smarter with the social media business day by day.

Users should understand that only posting videos and pictures is not enough. They should strategically use the best Instagram features for their engagement with their customers, leads, and sale of their business through their Instagram account.

  • Story videos on Instagram. Making content in the form of short videos is integral to engagement with the audience. This is because the audience doesn’t want to be talked to. They would rather watch a video to pique their curiosity.

For marketers, it has two types of benefits. First, it lets you build trust and relationships with the audience, whether you are a small business or a big brand. Second, when you engage with your customers in this way, a signal would be sent to Facebook, where it would indicate that you are connected with your customers/brands.

  • Instagram automation tools. Instagram has launched automation tools that are growing day by day and becoming popular. It is not a bad idea to automate your Instagram account so that you are one step ahead of the trend.

Using an Instagram DM automation tool like InstaChamp would assist you in sending automatic story mention replies, developing drip campaigns, automating your responses, sending links, and doing many other chores. It will also create keywords in your Instagram posts that will initiate an automatic DM. There is no doubt that by using this feature, you can increase your engagement rate with your audience by more than 100%.

  • Influencers: Influencers are those Instagram users who have millions of followers. They are trusted by their followers; hence by connecting with them, you can easily enhance your business. This is because their followers will always be ready to listen to their content. Instagram has launched a tool like Ninja Outreach, through which you can reach out to these Instagrammers by hashtags.
  • Instagram Polls. Your business can be made more effective in 2022 if you use Instagram polls. This is also one of the Instagram marketing strategy tools to grow your business.

It refers to Instagram stories where one can upload photos with different options and ask their audience which one is preferable. They are much more eye-catching than mere posts.

  • Live streaming. Live streaming on Instagram is preferred to video content in marketing strategy. It has been found that 80% of Instagram users prefer live video over reading a blog. 63% of Instagram users watch live streaming of video content regularly. Also, research has found that more than thrice as many people watching pre-recorded videos watch live videos on Instagram. For this purpose, Instagram has introduced live rooms. In these, users can go live on Instagram with three other users. But for this, it is important to notify others in advance about your live stream session. Entrepreneurs can use features like live fundraisers and shopping in order to grow their business and earn more money.
  • Direct messages: According to Instagram, 375,000,000 active users use Instagram direct messages for reaching out to the brands. They communicate with the brands for any questions or queries. Users are more eager to use direct messages for communicating with the brands so that brands can also respond quickly. For this purpose, there is a feature in Instagram named Quick Reply feature, which lets the brands send already saved responses for FAQs.
  • Instagram customer care. The customer care provided by Instagram is far better than the one provided by other social media platforms. It examines the customer requests and gives them prompt and accurate replies. Hence, Instagram has to train its customer service team to do those jobs more efficiently.

To sum it up

Instagram is one of the most popular and most used social media platforms, where an average user spends almost 28 minutes. Users come across a lot of brands selling their products. Brands can also directly contact their customers through Instagram through various features and tools. These features have made it the fastest growing platform for e-commerce.

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