How to Waist Train After Pregnancy


There are many people out there that have had to deal with the reality of wearing corsets after giving birth. The so-called “postpartum girdle” is a sad fact of life for the majority of women these days, but don’t worry! This blog post will outline the correct and most efficient way to go about waist training your body back into shape. With proper preparation at home, you will be able to wear your corset every day and not be tied down by how cumbersome it can seem.

It is never the size of waist trainer you wear that matters; it is the method in which you train and use it. You will be able to notice a difference in just how tight your corset can get with only a few minutes of training. Keeping yourself from wearing bags will be possible without any extra equipment at all.

Have someone measure around your waist where your ideal silhouette is, then take a look at how that measurement can change once in your final shape. How much can you lose or gain in a few months? Keeping track of how your measurements change will help you to gauge how much you should really be wearing.

You don’t need to keep a chart, just have a habit of measuring yourself on the weekends and whenever you feel the need. It is important to note that these numbers are only suggestions; they will only apply to your own body and shape and not everyone else’s. A 10-15% difference in measurements can change the shape drastically; this isn’t written in stone for everyone else.

Once you have the girth of your waistline measured out, make sure to buy an extender for your corset. This will allow you to comfortably waist train yourself without having to buy a whole new corset. This $20-$30 extender will keep the integrity of your corsets measurements while taking into account how much wider you can expect yourself to get.

Corsets can be had for a decent price, but having to buy a whole new one because you gained/lost ¼” isn’t worth it. Don’t worry about the longevity of your corset; you will be wearing it so much that it won’t matter. The postpartum girdles that you see on Pinterest are made from cheap materials; they aren’t worth the money.

Remember: your cotton shapewear is there not only for shaping but also as a support for whatever activity you may participate in.

Once you have your corset and extender, you can start working on your waist training routine. It is recommended that you train at least two times per week, but don’t let yourself get frustrated if you skip a week. The human body needs rest and recovery just like any other muscle; don’t feel bad about taking a break from the corset. It is important to remember that even if it feels like a chore, it is for your own benefit.

In conclusion, waist training isn’t as hard as people make it seem. With the proper equipment and knowledge, you can start training yourself to wear the corset with ease. Don’t forget that once you get your waistline down to where it should be, you can just go about wearing the corset on an as-needed basis.

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