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How to use Social Media For Real Estate


The number of people using the internet is growing day after day. This has forced most real estate agents to resort using social media to reach their potential customers.

According to recent research findings, up to 44% of buyers usually head to different social media platform to look for properties on sale. The number is increasing as internet access has been made available to a larger population.

However, there are real estate agents who are still not aware of how effectively they can use social media to help grow their business.

In this article, we will be looking at how to use social media for real estate.


Facebook is without doubt one of the most dominant and widely used social media platforms. Most people use it to connect to their family members and friends. There are people who use Facebook as a source of information and those that use it to help them discover upcoming events.

It is possible for a real estate agent to engage clients and market their real estate via Facebook.

Below are ways you can use Facebook to market real estate business

  • Use it to post new listings
  • Post upcoming events
  • Post days of possession
  • Boosting or promoting your posts


Despite tweets being limited to 280 tweets, it is still possible for real estate agents to reach their targets. Tweets are an excellent way of sharing information and engaging with their prospective clients. Tweets are easy and fast marketing method.

Below are ways real estate agents can use twitter

  • Tweet about upcoming events or news
  • Tweet about their clients
  • Tweet about the most recent listings


Instagram mainly deals with pictures. Real estate agents can use Instagram as a platform of sharing multiple events, listings snapshots.  The photos can reach to potential customers within a short time.

Here are ways real estate agents use Instagram

  • Holding contests and giveaways
  • Making use of stories
  • Positing new listings


When you write and post blogs on a regular basis, you will be able to show your level of knowledge concerning real estate, living or homes. You can describe listings or you can talk about the exterior or interior house design.  Blogs are a perfect way of reaching future and present customers who would like to know more about real estate.

There are several other social media sites real estate agents can use to reach their potential customers. For example, YouTube can be used for positing new video listings. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for sharing local events and news while Pinterest can help in sharing new blog links and listings from your website.

Internet has completely revolutionized how people market their products. Real estate agents are moving towards use of internet by resorting to market their products through different social platforms. However, it is important that they know how to effectively use the different social media networks to ensure they improve their marketing strategy and help improve their services.

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