How to Learn to Play Piano: The Ultimate List for Beginners


If you are reading this article even after looking at its heading, then you will definitely want to learn piano online or offline but are confused about where to start. Am I right? If yes, then in this article, we will tell you some such important tips which will be of great help to you if you are a beginner. 

Regular practice plays an important role in learning piano as it will help you to establish correct hand posture and fingering techniques, etc. 

Quality of the piano. If you will practice on a good quality piano then it will be very good for you. 

Set goals according to your ability. Decide that I have to complete this target in a week/month. Do not take these goals lightly. Meeting these goals will show that you are serious about learning the piano and have the capability to learn it.

Take the feedback seriously. If your teacher and somebody around you are asking you to make any change in your learning, then instead of taking it on your ego, learn something from it. If you do this, then, believe me, the day is not far when you will be called “The Master of Piano”.

Use the resource material provided by your tutor or anyone who has already learned to play the piano. This resource material can include their notes, their books, and their personal experiences that will make your piano learning journey easier and interesting.

Now, these were the things to keep in mind while learning the piano. But have you decided how and from whom you can learn to play it? If not, then we would like to give you some suggestions for this.

Online Piano Lessons: You can learn to play piano online with the help of an online music teacher. This is a very beneficial method because in this you do not have to pay any traveling expenses or fees to your tutor. But it does not prove to be that effective, because a small screen of a phone or laptop makes it a little difficult for you to understand proper hand posture and fingering techniques.

At your house: You can also hire a personal tutor for yourself. That tutor will come to your house every day to teach you the piano. Although this is the best way to learn piano because your tutor’s attention is only on you, but this method is a bit boring and expensive too. Boring because in this there is no one to learn except you and expensive because when your tutor comes to your house and gives his hours only to you, then obviously he will demand a high fee too.

At your tutor’s house: According to me, this method is the best because in this you have to visit your tutor’s house and learn piano with other students. This method is cost-effective and proves to be very interesting because the presence of other students will make you learn piano with all your heart and prevent the distraction of your mind.

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