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How Quitting Smoking Can Help Overcome ED


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is marked by difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. Many men experience it throughout the world. But thanks to the latest research and medical technology, we have new treatments like generic Cialis and generic sildenafil That help overcome ED. We also know a lot more about ED, such as what causes it and how can it be prevented. 

The Usual Suspects 

To understand what helps and harms when it comes to ED, we need to first understand the causes of ED. The best way to treat ED is to address the core issues causing it. But at the same time, it also helps to take other preventive measures. 

Physical and Mental Causes

A variety of issues and complications can cause ED. Most commonly, ED has been a side effect of an underlying chronic illness. Many illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic kidney disease can cause ED. These health conditions tend to compromise blood circulation, and since an erection depends upon good blood flow to the penis, the result is ED. 

Arousal is also a complicated mental process. This means that an individual’s mental state plays a role in erection. Mental health issues such as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and stress can also cause problems in the bedroom. When an individual’s mind is preoccupied with negative inner thoughts, they can have incredible difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. ED that is caused by mental issues can also become a vicious cycle where ED itself can lead to low self-esteem and stress and thus more ED.

However, it is not all bad news. As noted earlier, thanks to modern medicine, any man suffering from ED can now just walk into a pharmacy and purchase effective and cheap viagra or similar drugs. But, before doing it, the recommended thing is to rule out any other possible causes and solutions of ED. 

Lifestyle Causes

What we do on a day-to-day basis greatly dictates our health. The same rules apply to our sexual health as well. Many habits can adversely affect the quality of erections while other habits can improve them. 

A lack of exercise and a diet heavy with saturated fats is a highly unhealthy way of living. Not only can this lead to a wide variety of chronic illnesses, but this also contributes to a man’s sexual health. Regular exercise and a balanced diet of healthy fats and fruits are critical to a healthy individual. These lifestyle choices can also go a long way in determining if a man will experience ED later in life or not. 

Smoking and ED 

Out of all the lifestyle causes of ED, smoking is right up at the top. As mentioned previously, good circulatory health means a good erection. Chemicals found in cigarettes are associated with disrupting the blood flow to the penis. Tobacco itself can be harmful to your cardiovascular health as well, which also contributes to the amount of blood that flows throughout the body. Long time smoking can, in fact, lead to a damaged heart. This is why smoking is one of the most common non-age-related causes of ED. 

The evidence to support this is also very abundant. For example, a study done with a sample of over 1300 men found that ED was more associated with current smokers and men who were smokers once as compared to men who had never smoked. Another study quoted by health Canada states that smoking can potentially double the chances of developing ED.  

Quitting Smoking 

Quitting smoking can have a range of immediate and long-term health benefits. Given enough time, our bodies do recover even from years of smoking. After quitting smoking, people experience a range of withdrawal effects and cravings. So it is best to involve a loved one or professional in your plan to quit smoking. Support from a loved one and professional help can go a long way toward preventing any relapse. 

Many countries have public programs built toward helping people quit. There are also nicotine alternatives that individuals can use to have a controlled amount of nicotine which is then tapered away day by day. This makes it easier to quit and makes the withdrawals manageable. 

How does Quitting Smoking Help?

You may overlook the immediate benefits of quitting smoking. However, your body has already begun the healing process. Slowly over time, you will begin to see significant improvements in:

1- Arousal 

Smoking dramatically affects a man’s libido and inhibits how aroused they can get with their partners in the bedroom. With enough time passed smoke-free, your appetite for intercourse and the excitement for it will increase tenfold. 

2- Erection Quality 

As you quit smoking and your blood clears up nicotine and other harmful chemicals, the blood vessels begin to relax. This dramatically improves blood flow, especially to the lower regions of your body. This means better, stronger and longer erections. 

3- Sexual Performance and Satisfaction

Quitting smoking also does wonders for your lungs (a real surprise). This means your body will be getting more oxygen, resulting in increased stamina. This newfound energy can then be put to use in the bedroom.  

Overall quitting smoking will bring greater satisfaction and pleasure for you and your partner in the bedroom. 

ED medications 

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