Gino Pozzo’s Football Career Through the Years


Gino Pozzo is many things, including one of the most respected people in the realm of football anywhere in the world. As of 2022, he owns the Watford Football Club – one that plays in the English Premier League and that is based out of the Watford area. Of course, he certainly wasn’t born to this level of success. He had to work his way up using little more than his passion and his ingenuity as guides – a journey that we can all learn from in various ways.

Born in Italy, Gino Pozzo grew up in a household that was passionate about many things. In addition to learning the value of a hard day’s work, his family was also enthusiastic football fans – something that obviously managed to make an impression on him at an early age.

While growing up, he was a huge fan of several different clubs in Italy. After achieving some success of their own, his parents actually purchased an Italian football club of their own in the 1980s. His parents had seen success building a prominent woodworking company from scratch, which is how they were able to afford such a purchase.

When Gino Pozzo decided to go to college, he did so in the United States to broaden his horizons. He ended up earning his degree from the esteemed Harvard Business School. Upon graduation, he returned to Italy to determine which were the next steps he should take. Quickly, he realized that he didn’t want to take over the family woodworking business – he had his sights set on something much larger than that. Instead, he realized he wanted to run a professional football club. If he was going to follow in the footsteps of his father, this was the path he would take. 

After moving from Italy to France, Gino Pozzo began to research potential football clubs to purchase. During this period of his life, his parents had begun a very successful appliance company. Still, Gino persisted – this was his goal and he was going to do whatever it took to achieve it.

Not too long after that, it became common knowledge that the football club in Watford would soon be going up for sale. Gino Pozzo could afford it, but not necessarily for the reason he wanted – the team was a consistent loser and had been for years. The previous ownership group was known for poor management and they had dug themselves something of a proverbial hole that would be very difficult to climb out of again.

All of this is to say that Gino Pozzo knew that the road ahead of him would be a difficult one, indeed. Despite that, he refused to let the idea intimidate him – the opportunity to own a club was too great and if he was really as perseverant as he thought he was, he would be able to use his passion and his ingenuity to turn things around. Sure, it wouldn’t happen overnight – but it would happen. All he had to do was believe in himself.

Gino Pozzo officially took over the football club on June 29, 2012. It was then that Laurence Bassini, the previous owner, abdicated his position and what is now known as “The Pozzo era” began.

Flash forward to today and Gino Pozzo has certainly been able to turn the team around – of course, the club is still something of a “work in progress” as it were. He remains very happy with his decision to buy Watford and loves the fact that he was able to accomplish a goal that he set out for himself all those years ago.

In the decade since 2012 he has truly fallen in love – not just with the city of Watford itself, but with the fans and the people who live and work there. He’s seen their loyalty and their passion that is unending, despite the fact that they went through a long period where the club couldn’t seem to catch a break. He deeply wants to be able to bring them the title they deserve and won’t rest until he’s able to make that happen.

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