Gender Envy: Class of Knowing People Well

Gender Envy

Gender Envy: Introduction

Gender, as a concept deals with the sociological construction of the biological sex assigned at birth. While, it is normally a concept used repeatedly in social science disciplines, envy in its literal meaning refers to the covetous feeling that one has towards the other person’s attribute, possessions, or stature in life. Gender Envy when used together can have different meanings and interpretations. Everyone, according to the common knowledge has Gender Envy at some point of their lives. This also takes from individual perspectives.

There is a probability that every female assigned at birth experiences envy in her lifetime because of the lack of social, economic, and physical access to resources. There is also a probability that the females assigned at birth envy peeing like males assigned at birth, or having more physical strength like them. Indeed, there is no accurate theory that proves the association of gender envy to that of the learnt social behaviors in the environment.

Gender Envy: Sex reassignment surgeries: What is that is not leant and that remains buried deep down?

Sex reassignment surgeries as is written all over the common platforms is not an example of Gender Envy. Envy comes from a certain aspect of the past that remains buried deep inside the burrows. Being a transgender is not caused by gender envy, nor are wants and desires a part of Gender Envy. It is most necessary to understand that changing genders is only justified as long as the theory of gender performativity as narrated by the veteran Judith Butler lives on.

Gender Envy
Gender Envy: Information to know

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) was founded recently which aims towards ground changes in the policy making including the assertion of formation of institutions that provide guidance and counselling support to Transgender tribes during medical transitioning processes.

As an important step towards inclusivity

People are of an opinion that Gender Envy forms an important part of bringing a change on a broader level. It is often regulated that one has to be a part of the assigned identity for a year before the medical transitioning takes place but this can be deliberated and discussed largely. Indeed,iIt should not be the case because gender is also a fluid concept.

It is more than how people see it and by people, one is bound to mean common people who are beyond the constraints of politics, sociology, or the economy. It is an everyday phenomenon and so, it is said that it will become a part of the larger perspective of human lens. Envy makes structures fall apart but it also marks as an important step towards the recognition of human rights and human self in the longer run. This is extremely important.

Gender Envy
What does make it famous?

Homogenous and heterogenous groups often do not align with each other as groups. Too much of the either is not advisable. One has to see how much of the both of them is necessary for the growth of gender as a concept and a discipline in the longer run.

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