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Five Effective Tips for an Engaging Facebook Business Page


If you are thinking of making a Facebook page for your brand, then this information can be very helpful for you. In this information, we will explain 14 effective and essential tips that can enhance your business page to the next level. Facebook is a place with nearly 2 billion monthly active users; yes, this is not a small number.

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Making a Facebook brand page is not an easy task; click some random photo with any content upload this, and many customers will contact you. No, it is not possible. If you create a Facebook page without any strategy to get noticed, engaged, and liked, then the customer reach will be less. For example, a person cannot select any random picture and upload it, no there will be good quality content, and the right dimensions properly represent the brand and high resolutions.

1. Avoid the personal profile of the business

A person should always make a business page for their business; we see many marketers and entrepreneurs who make a personal profile for their business; by doing this, they lose all the advantages they can get from the business profile page. In addition to this, if your business has a personal profile, then the customer wants a product and service from you. They have to send friend requests to you. Without this, they cannot approach or talk to you. And on the other side, many people make an additional; public, professional profile for their business; there are also some disadvantages of this because by making a professional profile, the chances of people will connect them directly without seeing the photos and content uploaded related to their business.

2. Don’t publish mishaps with Page roles

Before posting anything on the Facebook business page, everything will be checked twice. We all have seen or heard stories related to horror about folk who accidentally shares their content on social media channels; this can be the worst nightmare for the marketer. So, to save him from this situation, assign a Facebook business page role only to those workers only, who need it for work, to do each day. Before a person does all the process, the brand page can provide proper employee training. Through this, they can work tension-free, and a proper mindset of the employees is created.

To assign this feature to your business page, click “settings” and “page roles”.

3. Recognizable profile picture

A profile picture of the page gives all the information about the Facebook business page related to the product and service available. This picture can be a logo, a headshot of the product or service or a sign. The number of people coming on the business page is decided by attractiveness and effectiveness because a first impression is the last impression. Therefore, a profile of the business page should be updated from time to time and more recognizable in the crowd of various business pages. For more attractive page profile you can buy Facebook page likes.

The main thing that must be kept in mind while choosing a profile picture for the business page is that the Facebook platform changes the dimensions. The value of this dimension is 170*170 pixels on desktops and 128*128 pixels on smartphones.

4. Engaging cover photo

The cover photo of the business page on Facebook covers more area in comparison to the profile picture. The cover photo should be of high quality and more engaging for the visitors to the Facebook business page. Similarly to the profile photo, the cover photo also has a specific size, and it is 820*312 on desktops and 640*360 on smartphones.

5. CTA button

The full form of the CTA button is the call to action. This feature was launched by Facebook in December 2014. With this feature, there is an option for things like “watch the video,” “sign up,” or “book now”, and all of them can be customized as per different policies of the various business page available on Facebook. 

This is one of the most common ways to increase traffic on the business page and get more views on the Facebook content that they promote. If you want to add this CTA button to your page, click the blue “add button” box. There are many types of CTA buttons available, and a person can choose any of them depending on their choice. This button eliminates all the decision fatigue of the visitor, and this button tells the clients where to go and what to do next.


There are many business pages present on Facebook that leave theirs about section empty. This is a big minus point for that page because; this section helps a person to know all the basics and main aspects of the product or service that they provide.