Fitness Fanatics: Why You Should Invest In A Cold Therapy Unit

Fitness Fanatics: Why You Should Invest In A Cold Therapy Unit

Are you an athlete or is the best part of your day the hours you spend at the gym? No matter what your level of fitness or whether you compete in sports or just enjoy being in shape, you need to consider how to handle sore muscles or injuries. Sometimes a slight wrong move can result in a strain or pulled muscle or you are out of action lead to soreness for a hard training about health. The best solution? A cold therapy unit!

Here is more about what a cold therapy unit is and how one like the Breg Polar Care cube can get you back in the action!

What is a Cold Therapy Unit

Cold therapy—is a form of  cryotherapy—is simply the method of applying coldness to an affected area to restrict blood flow and reduce inflammation and swelling. When you put ice packs on a sprained ankle, take an ice bath. 

You can take cryotherapy to the next level with a cold therapy unit like the Breg Polar Care cube. This machine combines coldness with compression via anatomic wraps. This targeted, dual approach amplifies the power of both cold therapy and compression in an easy-to-transport, quiet machine. 

When to Use a Cold Therapy Unit

Though a cold therapy unit can be used anytime you have sore muscles, it’s intended to treat acute injuries or after surgeries to reduce pain and swelling. A high-end unit like the Breg Polar Care cube was designed for recovery after trauma, reconstructive procedures, operations, plastic surgery, or general surgery as well as to treat chronic pain or to be used in conjunction with physical therapy. 

Why a Cold Therapy Unit is Worth the Investment 

Using an ice bath for good health in cold therapy is well worth the effective benefits. However, for athletes or active fitness enthusiasts who want to recover more quickly, a good business deal with cold therapy unit for well wortht. A unit like the Breg Polar Care cube has pads that fit perfectly to joints and other areas of the body. They attach via elastic bands, so you don’t need adhesives or other materials that could cause irritation. With extended pad sizes, units like this can treat large areas like shoulders and knees. 

Is a Breg Polar Care Cube the Right Choice for You?

When quick recovery is important, a cold therapy unit like the Breg Polar Care Cube is the best option. For less than $150, you can have the power of cold and compression along with perfectly sized wrap-on pads that will make recovery from an injury or surgery as fast and comfortable as possible. 

If you’re unsure which cold therapy device is right for your unique needs, browse available machines online and chat with an online representative. They would be happy to answer your questions and direct you to the right choice.