Fashion Pulis: Fashion Trends, Gossip, and More

Fashion Pulis

Fashion pulis is a famous site for gossip of Filipino celebs and their Instagram page provides exclusive information on fashion, trends, and more. It is most popular for its comparison between styles or dresses worn by American celebrities to Filipino influencers and celebrities.

Fashion Pulis
What makes Fashion Pulis famous?

They also post like or dislike on insta for public attraction. It has been 10 years since this platform is been running strong, it was launched in 2011. For all the fashion enthusiasts, this page is absolutely for you. If you like to keep track of celebrity life then you must check out their site. Their blogger/founder, Michael Sy Lim writes various entertainment pieces and tweets about celebrity life.

More about fashion pulis

This is the no. 1 site for entertainment in the Philippines. Michael Sy Lim is an educator and blogger, he is the one who started this blog www. and later an Instagram page. As mentioned above this site is for celebrity gossip and Hollywood life. It mainly focuses on glamour life, controversies, relationships, etc. Their Instagram page uploads like and dislike, or comparison post due to the blogger’s popular belief that celebrity`s talent, fashion sense, beauty makes people like or dislike them. Well, it is a brilliant way to engage readers because who doesn`t want to know some spicy news.

Fashion pulis: Inside Michael Sy Lim’s life

If you have reached this part, you know by now who he is. Michael has an interest in fashion, entertainment, showbiz, and event and that is what motivated him to start this blog.

Fashion Pulis
Class of Fashion Pulis

He was very influenced by celebrities. If you live in the Philippines, you know that he is a well-known personality and has become a household name. His OOTD (outfit of the day) posts on Instagram are something to keep an eye on. By his stylish looks, it is evident how much he loves fashion and trends.

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Controversy about his arrest

No matter how glamorous this world appears to be but it has its cons. Michael Lim was arrested in 2015 for the case of spreading a false rumor about a model`s personal life. The model, Deniece Cornejo filed a case on him for defamation or libel. He was arrested by the Philippines national police, women and children protection unit. He posted an article stating that the model is infected with a sexually transmitted disease or STD. This post was seriously defaming and could tarnish the celebrity’s name.

Hence, she filed a case against him and he was criticized by the readers, celebrities on the grounds of cyberbullying. However, he later tweeted that the information was leaked by a medical center and that people are unnecessarily accusing him. Whatever happened, it sure has left a negative impact on fashion pulis.

Nonetheless, every controversy teaches us something and from this, we can take that press does not give you the right to violate someone`s privacy and tarnish their image. This job comes with a lot of responsibilities and you cannot falter there as Michael did.

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