Fashion Nail: Top 8 Trend To Follow, Review, Info

Fashion Nail

It is a fact that no one likes plain, short, or chipped fashion nail. Nails look pretty when they are painted and decorated. We have got a list of the 8 most amazing nail art trends and that will be all over the internet this year. You must try out these trends like DIYs and press-on nails to make them look insta worthy!

Not so classic French manicure: Fashion Nail

French manicures are a very old, classic style of nail art. This year this old trend has taken a funky turn. Nail artists are experimenting with this style and are creating a buzz on Instagram.

Fashion Nail
Fashion Nail: Creative

You can also try these, heart French tips for valentine season, multicolor, etc.

Go green for your nails: Fashion Nail

When it comes to trending nail colors, one should go for shades of green this year. This color is making its big appearance on social media and or fashion runways. Paint your nails in Bottega green, deep green, or olive green, and show off your environment-friendly nails (Fashion Nail).

Natural & Neutral: Fashion Nail

Neutral nails are never really out of trend. It is the most elegant and simple style when it comes to nail art. The 2022 natural nail trend will make your neutral nail polish look as if it is barely there. You must try these to make your nails look effortlessly beautiful and minimalistic.

The very – Peri nails: Fashion Nail

Periwinkle is the Pantone color for 2022. It feels like this year we are going to see many styles with this color. You should try the pretty looking swiggly design, periwinkle French tip, or galaxy nails. The ideas could be endless.

Micro- mani: Fashion Nail

If you have ever owned a nail art kit, you might remember the small accessories or stickers that use to come along with it. Well, this style will make you nostalgic for your childhood memories.

Fashion Nail
Magic of Fashion Nail

This look can be easily achieved either by stick-on or you can DIY them on your own. The evil eye style just takes your breath away, doesn`t it?

Mismatched nails

This trend has already made its appearance in the previous year but it is still going strong and we will get to see different prints and patterns all over the internet. The best part is you can add on as many designs as you like. There is no need to have the same pattern on all of your ten nails.

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Metallic or sparkles

Metallic nails always look luxurious. They will make your hands look glamorous. This year to amp up your look you can try different sparkling shades to create one style (Fashion Nail).

Stiletto cut nails

Stiletto nails are making a comeback this year. These pointy nails look bewitching (in a good way) and you can put little charms on them as it will accent your nails. Make your imagination go wild and everyone will ask about your nails.

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