Essential Tips When Checking Out a Recreational Dispensary

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There are approximately more than 1,700 marijuana dispensaries that offer related medical services. Provided you have a valid marijuana card, you can easily access the medical assistance you need. You can find it had to sift between all your available options, but picking a Reno dispensary option will make your accessibility easier.

What do you need to do while in the dispensaries? And, what exactly should you not do? Read along to point out the best to make your trip confident and more affordable.

Carry Your Government Issued ID and Cash

Age limit is a factor that is handled with strict measures to curb minors from accessing the products. Imagine the embarrassment that can end your first trip for a simple mistake that you can avoid? When visiting a recreational dispensary, is it mandatory to carry a government-issued ID? It is advisable to have your government-issued ID with you to prove your identity.

Your trip to the recreational Dispensary should also be the same as you visit a bar. Unless you produce your legitimate ID, all the mandated dispensaries will deny you entrance. On the other hand, most dispensaries have adopted cash as their mode of payment since credit companies do not want to be associated with the cannabis industry.

Be advised to carry some cash to act as your backup plan, even if the Dispensary allows credit cards payment mode. For your information, machines may be down sometimes; you never know.

Check out Their Menu Online

As the saying goes, everything you need is on the internet. Yes, that is right, the internet has made everything easier. With a click on your device, you can quickly get more information you need.

The recreational dispensaries have updated their menus online to help their customers more aware of the products they offer. Looking up cannabis online allows you to get familiar with what your Dispensary provides. Thanks to the advanced technology, after you find the strain of your choice, you can call their desks to ask if it is still in stock.

To avoid future disappointments when your popular strains run out and you have to choose other products, ensure you are familiar with every product on the menu. Some of the dispensaries may allow you to shop online, making it even easier for you.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions.

Every patient who has been to any medical establishment was a newbie; you do not assume that you are the only one. What are the strains available in the recreational dispensary near me? Whether your question is fundamental or not, go ahead and ask it; the available budtenders will be happier to assist you.

For example, the budtenders suggest a specific strain that other customers have had excellent results after using if you have sleeping issues. Even though you might know more about marijuana, things are dynamic in the industry. You may not know a new strain and its information available in the market.

Therefore asking questions will help you stay updated and be recognized by the budtenders the next time you visit the Dispensary.

Keep Away Your Phone

Since most dispensaries have “no photo” policies, it is best to adhere to the set rules. Leaving your phone in the bag or pocket can be a good choice. Having your phone may require you to chat or text, making the staff feel uneasy because you take a photo discreetly.

It is rude when you are distracted on the phone while your budtender gives you all the needed attention. Therefore, your anxiety to use your phone can wait for some minutes while the budtender focuses on you. To avoid other destruction, activate the phone’s silent mode while in the room.

Make Sure You Tip

It is always advisable to tip for the services offered. Just the way you can tip a bartender for their customer service, you could also do so to your budtender. In cases where they have done an excellent job by going the extra mile to explain the different strains, you need to appreciate through a tip.

Tipping helps to boost service providers’ motivations to serve you better the next time you visit

the dispensaries.


Better service in recreational dispensaries requires personal commitments to adhere to the set rules by the medical providers. Asking questions helps clear all the doubts you might have in mind. Most importantly, try to put yourself in the budtender’s shoes and act the same way you would want a client to act when they visit a recreational dispensary.