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It’s nerve-racking to plan for an engagement party. You’ll still be able to find an idea that fits your personality, whether you want to organize a special surprise or uniquely ask your partner. Bear in mind that the best ideas are those that capture the core of your relationship. However, hosting an engagement party doesn’t have to be expensive.

From meals and activities to invitations and decorations, this article will guide you on throwing a simple, chic engagement party while still following your budget. Because hosting this part is exciting and fun, most people tend to go over their budget. If you’re throwing an engagement party on a budget, try following these tips:

What You’ll Need

Hosting an engagement party is the best way to congratulate the couple and have fun. It’ll be another way to rehearse for your wedding without too much stress. Still, you might want to go with fun and unique decorative ideas without going over your set budget. Here’s what you’ll need to get a stylish engagement party on a budget.

Gifts and Toasts

Unlike in a rehearsal dinner or a shower, toasts aren’t common in engagement parties. However, it’ll be great if one of the guests can give a short speech. If you’re one of the guests, it’ll be courteous to ask the couple if you can give a speech. Your guests must also not feel responsible for bringing you any gifts.

But others do it to show their utmost appreciation. Others also feel awkward showing up with nothing. If they bring you gifts, don’t forget to thank them and put their gifts on a table. One tip to remember is that you shouldn’t be opening them during the party. Wait for the party to end and bring the presents home afterward.


Your engagement party is different from a baby shower; it must be formal. Your guests will not expect to play games. However, you shouldn’t assume that conversations will be enough to entertain the crowd. Suppose you need to entertain the audience during the party. In that case, you can always prepare fun games to break out in emergencies. For example, you can play short trivia games about your relationship.

You can also plan for other activities after the engagement party—for example, inviting a couple of your close friends to karaoke. For more updates, visit:

Drinks and Food

Food and drinks are the most significant aspects of your engagement party, so you might have to spend a vast sum of money on them. But you can keep it simple. If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages, wine and beer will suffice. You’ll also have to set a party time that fits your budget. For example, you’re only serving bite-sized snacks.

If you are, don’t schedule it around dinner time. You can plan the party after dinner or in mid-afternoon. If you’re going for cheap but creative meals, you can serve the following:

  • Chili and cornbread
  • Munchies and burgers
  • Meatballs and spaghetti
  • Baked potato with a green salad

You can easily prepare these meals for your guests.


Finding the right decorative elements doesn’t have to be time-consuming, regardless of if you’re throwing an easygoing party. You can hang a few string lights in your garden or living room. Buy a flower arrangement for the main entrance. Or build a chalkboard sign for your guests. If you want to DIY, look for cheap but unique projects.

How to Host the Party

Between the actual wedding, rehearsal dinner, shower, and beach party, you have a lot of things to worry about before popping the question with a diamond engagement ring. Here’s are two tips to help you follow your set budget for the party:

Go for an Intimate Party

Instead of spending your money on a huge venue, you can ask your closest family and friends to come over for an intimate backyard party. You have the choice to host formal cocktail parties with nature or host a low-key barbecue dinner with a few lawn games.

Look back into your relationship to determine if you can incorporate it into the party’s theme. You can try customized keepsakes, local products, or family recipes for party favors. It’ll make your guests happier if you choose a more personal choice.

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Make It a Surprise Party

You can also try catching the couple off guard by throwing a surprise party. It can be an excellent way to celebrate their relationship without overwhelming them with additional spending or planning. Outline the plans for the party and bring them along to enjoy it. 

You can host a themed event based on their favorite activities, songs, movies, series, or anything that you can think of. You can bring them to a unique place like a local brewery, art gallery, or roller rink. You can even rent out space at a party venue, bar, or restaurant to make it more memorable.

You can still throw a fun but cheap engagement party for your family or friends without exceeding the budget. Give these tips a try before going overboard with your celebration.

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