Dreamy: How To Style Your Purple Dress

Purple Dress

Purple Dress: Intro

Purple color has been every girl`s favorite and was 2018`s color of the year (Dress). This color never really goes out of style and looks exceptionally good in the spring season. Over the years, we have seen various famous celebs wearing gorgeous purple gowns or dresses to the red carpet. This color surely does make you look dreamy, like a princess. If your Pinterest aesthetics are filled with purple, lilac, and these are your go-to colors, then you must read this to know how to style your purple dresses in different ways.

The aesthetics: Purple Dress

Purple has many shades and tones that you can choose from. The pretty lilac shade which will give you a pink tint, the calming lavender shade which has a bluish undertone to it, or the plum purple shade with a reddish tone to it if you are more into pale colors these the ones you can go for. If you like to go bold and beautiful, then shades like Purple heart with medium to the darkest hue, electric purple, black current, violet are for you. Each color has a meaning and effect on us, similarly, purple color is a symbol of wealth, luxury, wisdom, and spirituality (Purple Dress).

Purple Dress
Purple Dress: What makes them look great?

Purple is a gorgeous color one must try, in fact, the Pantone color of the year 2022 is Periwinkle which is considered to be a shade of blue and violet family and often known as pastel purple. You can pair this color with other colors to make your outfits shine such as yellow, orange, and green are obvious choices. Other than these you can wear mustard and deep burgundy together, plum and grey, pink and purple, and red and purple also go well together. You can mix and match however you like.

Styles that you can try: Purple Dress

Some Pinterest famous and Instagram worthy outfits are pastel purple floral slit dresses perfect for a Sunday brunch, pale purple puff sleeves, and ruched neck short dress, velvet bralette with wide-leg pants to look all sassy, lilac satin dress with cowl neck just looks amazing, flowy dresses, shimmer purple holographic bodycon dress. Also, you can try a velvet plum color dress for a royal look, a short ruffled dress, or a blazer dress the list could go on and on. You can try various combinations and also wear different shades of purple from head to toe. You can create endless looks with this color and pair them with metallic jewelry to amp up your look.

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Purple is a beautiful color that you must include in your wardrobe. You can find these cute and pretty dresses on Shein, Etsy, Urbanic, or for a little bold and sexy dress you can check out sites like fashion nova.

Purple Dress
Purple Dress: Class act

Fast fashion brands are flooded with these kinds of colors and even Instagram clothing brands are also selling Pinterest-inspired dresses. You can have easy access to them. Girls, your dream purple outfit is just a google search away.

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