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Drama Meme

Drama Meme: Introduction 

A meme is a pictorial joke , it has a common thread of pictures which have different messages on them which makes the picture’s interpretation funny. Meme’s have been in the world for about a century now. the first ever meme recorder was in 1940 in a newsletter. But digital social media platforms have made the circulation of meme’s faster and to a larger audience. The world today spends hours on their phones and laptops looking and laughing at memes, even sharing these. 

Meme’s have a everyday part of our lives. In fact memes actually helped people get in touch with each other or keep the conversation going; even if people ain’t exchanging ideas and opinions on a text chain they sure are exchanging relatable memes on their groups. They help lighten the mood. Since memes are supposedly hilarious , they help releasing stress and maintaining a calm and joy environment around.

Drama Meme

Drama Meme: Creative Look 

The drama meme is one such meme out of many but it has been shared and laughed at by the entire world. The drama meme is very popularly known as the side eyed Chloe meme.Why? Because the girl in the meme is Chloe Clem and the picture is actually her reaction to a statement of her mom’s. her mom said tat they were going to Disneyland and Chloe looked at her like that when she captured her. The pictures went viral instantly. The picture was used to create memes. For instance, there this line – when someone is lying and you already know the truth and then at the bottom there’s that picture of Chloe. This meme was introduced in 2013 and it is so often seen even today. The expression on her page is described as ‘ concerned looking reaction’ according to many people. In this picture of Chloe she is wearing a pink top and has her seat belts on. Her incisors can be seen and her eyes so much towards the side, the complete expression of hers looks like she is shocked and scared or like she can’t believe what happened.  

Life At Best

The meme was originally found from a you tube video called ‘ Lily’s Disneyland surprise… again’. The reaction is noted when they were on their way back to home from school. Lily when hearing the news of the surprise Disneyland trip had tears of joy but Chloe had her moment of dis- belief , this is precisely when her reaction was captured and she looked really disturbed !

The meme went so viral that w=every social media platform had Chloe’s face all over it. Celebrity faces were merged with her expression to create funny pictures too. There were tweets and Instagram posts about it. Even people made gifs of her reaction which were also used on platforms like whatsapp. In buzzfeed an article referred to as ‘ the queen and goddess of the internet ‘ and ‘ the patron saint of tumblr.

Everything that happened made Chloe famous, in an interview she said that she accidentally became a meme. But the meme gave her global recognition and today she has about 5 million followers on her Instagram.

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